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7 Rules for a DIY Wedding

7 Rules for a DIY Wedding

Whether you’re super crafty or you just want to cut décor costs, DIY is a great option. If you’re handcrafting a few details or planning a full DIY wedding, these tips will help you get started.





Know your craft level.


Equipped with Pinterest, a few wedding magazines and a glass of wine in hand, you’re ready to research. And while the wedding world is full of DIY ideas, not all of them are realistic endeavors. Before you tackle any project, read through the instructions and determine if it’s something you’re ready to handle.




Ask your family and friends to help.


So maybe you’re not a pro, but you can’t stop thinking about that extravagant DIY paper flower wall replica of Kim K’s floral backdrop. If the project seems too daunting, don’t be afraid to turn to trusted friends and family for help. Plan a day of assembling all those wedding favors with your bridesmaids, complete with movies and snacks to make it less tedious. If your sister has an artistic eye, ask her to create that hand painted sign. Asking others to put their crafty skills to use can be an appreciative gesture, but be considerate of their availability to help.




Budget wisely for each project.


A DIY wedding can save your wallet, but that’s not always the case. Like any task, it’s important to budget first – the cost of supplies and tools can really add up. If you’re going for one or two smaller projects, it may be relatively inexpensive. But if you’re planning a full do-it-yourself event, it you could be spending more than a packaged wedding deal. To get the best bang for your buck (and save you time), choose to DIY just a few projects and consider buying the rest.






Set your wedding theme before you get started.


There’s a lot of inspiration out there, so it can be easy to take ideas from different palettes and styles. Once you’re 100% sure about your wedding theme, select DIY details that will pull it all together rather than just an array of pretty, yet entirely different, projects.




Always plan for extra time.


One rule of thumb for any DIY project: overestimate the time it will take to create. Even if it seems easy to assemble, crafting multiples like wedding favors and centerpieces can take a while. Plan a longer duration for each project, and don’t stress about spending too much time to perfect the tiniest flaws.




Embrace the imperfections.


The end result won’t look exactly like the photo from Pinterest and that’s okay. While you can probably spot the little differences, your guests won’t be as critical when they see your hard work on display. Handmade projects are bound to have some blemishes, but that’s what gives each one a little extra character. If you find the project isn’t coming together at all, don’t dwell on it. Find an alternative or someone else to tackle it so you can focus on other wedding priorities, too.




Avoid DIY décor that involves day-of preparation.


If it requires set up, assembly or any groundwork the day of your ceremony, just skip it. All you need to do on your big day is say ‘I do’ and enjoy the celebration.