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Best Fall Wedding DIY Projects

Best Fall Wedding DIY Projects

Try one of these 10 wedding DIY projects to add an autumnal vibe to your big event.

salted caramel pears

Salted Caramel Pear Favors

Giving your guests Jordan almonds for wedding favors is so yesterday. Instead of giving them outdated candy or a knick-knack they’ll never use, why not give them a tasty snack to go home with? Salted caramel pears are the perfect, decadent fall treat!

Dessert Bar

Rustic Dessert Bar

Using a woodland theme to display your desserts is the perfect and easy DIY project to subtly bring the autumnal theme to your rustic reception. Displaying everything under banners and with wooden accents adds a unique and elegant touch.

burlap flowers

Burlap Floral Arrangements

Use burlap bows to tie together the floral arrangements decorating the aisles, and even the bouquets the bridal party carries. The color plays well into a fall theme, and it’s a simple DIY project for the busy DIY bride.

paper flowers

Paper Flower Bouquet

When deciding which wedding DIY projects to use for your wedding, getting creative with your bouquets is often an overlooked option. If you’re allergic to flowers or are looking for an option beyond faux flowers, making a bouquet out of paper is a fun choice with an autumnal flair.

DIY garland

DIY Garland

Nothing is more beautiful than a wedding under the stars, but sometimes the weather won’t allow it. So as you’re thinking of wedding DIY projects, try bringing the stars inside with these adorable, rustic and autumnal twinkle light garlands. Even better? You can reuse it on your patio or in your house after the wedding!

Fabric Garland

Fabric Garland

Using a charming fabric garland to decorate your ceremony or reception is a great way to add a cute DIY touch to your fall wedding. It’s not only lovely to look at, but it also adds extra dimension in the background for photographs.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Decor

Reclaimed wood is a must for any fall wedding DIY projects. Using it as a backdrop behind your wedding party table or the sweethearts’ table is an adorable way to accent your fall reception.

Potted Plants

Potted Plants

Flowers aren’t for everyone, but it’s always nice to have something living at your reception. So instead of displaying flowers, why not display your favorite greenery, and decorate the pots to match your theme? Whether you paint the pots, use decorated mason jars, or use reclaimed tin cans, it’s a great way to add color and texture to your decor.

chalkboard runner

Chalkboard Runner

As you sort through ideas for your fall wedding DIY projects, don’t forget the runner! Instead of a traditional runner, why not use a faux chalkboard runner that you can decorate with the lyrics of your first dance song, favorite quotes, or well-wishes from family? It’s a fun, personalized touch to the ceremony that you won’t see in every wedding.

Decoupage Pumpkin

Decoupage Pumpkin

Pumpkins are key for fall weddings, and a decoupage pumpkin is a perfect choice for a fall wedding DIY project. Use them as centerpieces or on the welcome table; they’ll add the perfect whimsical vibe!