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Clever DIY Wedding Flower Ideas

Easy DIY flower-inspired ideas for the novice crafter. 

DIY wedding projects can be a fun and exciting way to personalize your wedding, especially if you are one of those crafty sort of people.  But keep in mind that deciding to do your own flowers is a tremendous undertaking. Unless you are really experienced with floral arrangements and an excellent time manager, you don’t want to do all of your flowers.  Instead, enhance what your florist creates with tiny little projects that will show off your own personality and talents, without it leading to you surrounded by peonies and questioning all of your life choices.

Paper floral poms can hang from the ceiling or be used in a creative wall installation (photo booth backdrop, anyone?).  Stain them yourself (far above right) or use different colored tissue to make your blooms (near above right).

If you need to decorate some vertical space, try using garland or wreaths.  This swath of colorful carnations (above) instantly brightens up a cake table.  A rosemary wreath can go from elegant to rustic depending on the other accessories you add. Below, this wreath is creatively hung from a leather belt, but you could also use ribbon, scarves, or strung-together handkerchiefs.

If you are just starting your floral planning, prepare yourself.  You will be stunned by how many different surfaces at your wedding could use a centerpiece. Cut down on your budget by arranging some of the flowers yourself for areas like the welcome table or decor by your favors.  This glittery pink jar makes usually vintage baby’s breath appear modern and bold.

If you want to try your hand at creating a more traditional floral centerpiece, this tutorial can help guide you.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrange terrariums. Deceptively simple, you could easily spend hours moving tiny features around your glass containers.  But they are a lot of fun. If your bridesmaids enjoy gardening, this would be the perfect task to do together.

Every boho wedding needs a floral crown.  Make your own with daisies, and wear your hair down in loose waves. The carnation and baby’s breath crown below is a super simple project to try too, and you can find all the steps right here.

Don’t forget your fella and his friends!  These sweet boutonnieres (below) are easy to create, and will help you spend your floral dollars on other arrangements.

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