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DIY Bath Bombs & Other Awesome Make-at-Home Beauty Treats

Make one of these bath products to enjoy yourself or give to your bridesmaids.


DIY Dupes

Love bath products, but not necessarily the price tag? Make your own DIY bath bombs and other relaxing bath aromatherapy for less money, and in exactly the scents and colors you prefer.

These gorgeous DIY bath bombs can be created with any essential oil. Our favorites for relaxation are lavender, clary sage, and ylang ylang.


Shower Bombs

Not all of us are bath people. Shower fizzies are made the same way and dissolve slowly under the shower spray, releasing your chosen scent.


Geek Indulgences

Star Wars wedding? Treat your guests to these Death Star DIY bath bomb favors. With a silicone mold, and a little silver coloring, these are easier to make than you might think.


Bath Jellies

Although some ladies think Lush is all about bath bombs, we happen to think their bath jellies are where it is at. Make this simple DIY version for your own bathroom and store in a jar. They last for several baths or showers, and their scent doesn’t fade.


Jar of Bath Salts

Need a favor for your bridal shower? Fill jars with homemade bath salts and tie a small wooden spoon to the side. Again, use your favorite essential oil for the scent and a liquid oil like avocado or vitamin E oil to provide extra moisture.


Bath Tea

If you want all the benefits of a bath bomb without the coloring that can cause that pesky bath ring, make a tea bag filled with herbs instead. Relax and recharge with such herbs as chamomile and lemongrass.


Allergy-Friendly Gifts

Summer can be a rough time of year for allergy sufferers. Use sinus-friendly blends of herbs and oils to help alleviate congestion before the big day.


Detox in the Tub

Weddings are stressful. Relax with a bath designed to detoxify you, using clay, epsom salts, apple cider vinegar, and your favorite essential oil. Remember to hydrate, and you’ll be feeling like a refreshed bride in no time!


Herbal Scrubs

Brides who use self-tanner will love this herbal scrub recipe. Make sure to exfoliate gently (and test it on a patch of skin first) before applying self-tanner to assist with an even application. It’s especially helpful for rough areas that can tend to get patchy coverage, such as your heels and elbows.

Sugar & Charm

Creative Shapes

Bath bombs don’t have to be globes. This cool tutorial includes tips for making alphabet and square herbal bath fizzies.