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DIY Copper Pipe Centerpieces for a Modern Wedding

DIY Copper Pipe Centerpieces for a Modern Wedding

These diamond-shaped sculptures from mywedding magazine are made from copper pipe and can be used throughout décor as hanging installations or centerpieces. Just don’t forget to add flowers.

Copper DIY - supplies

Supplies List

1 10-foot ½” copper pipe

12-gauge wire

22-gauge wire

Wire cutters

Framing square or ruler

Tube cutter

Deburring tool


Copper DIY - step 1

Step One

Measure your copper pipe into desired lengths and mark it with a pencil. For this project, we used four, five and 10-inch sections of pipe.

Copper DIY - step 2

Step Two

Cut your pipe using your tube cutter. To use the cutter, tighten it around the pipe at the pencil mark. Turn the pipe within the cutter until a groove appears, then tighten the cutter. Continue to turn your pipe and tighten the cutter until you cut all the way through. 

Copper DIY - step 2b

Insider Tip

For a little help tightening the tube cutter, use a pair of locking pliers to grip the head of the cutter and provide additional leverage as you twist.

Copper DIY - step 3

Step Three

Use your deburring tool to smooth the edges of your cut pipe.

Copper DIY - step 4

Step Four

String your shortest pieces of pipe – the four-inch sections – onto the 12-gauge wire. 

Copper DIY - step 5

Step Five

Create a pentagon shape by twisting the ends of the wire together, then clip the excess wire with your wire cutters. Then, attach 22-gauge wire at each corner of your pentagon and add one five-inch piece of copper pipe to each strand of wire. 

Copper DIY - step 6

Step Six

Bring two sections of pipe together to form a triangle and twist the two section’s wires together to secure them. Continue adding sections of pipe until all five pipes come together in the center to create a pentagonal pyramid. Trim excess wire.

Copper DIY - step 7b

Step Seven

Repeat steps five and six to attach 10-inch copper pipes to the opposite side of your pentagon, creating the diamond shape. 

Copper DIY - styling

Styling Tip

The best thing about this DIY? It can be set on your reception table as a centerpiece or strung up as a hanging installation. Add fresh flowers to your display to amp up the wow factor. Or, for décor that’s prepped days in advance, consider using faux blooms like these stunners from Afloral.

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