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DIY Corkboard Coasters

DIY Corkboard Coasters

It’s no secret that we love a good wedding DIY project – and thanks to Laura, the oh-so lovely and exceptionally talented creator of the fashion, decor and DIY blog Sequins at Breakfast, we can happily share that love with each of you. Effortlessly pretty, these projects are just the personalized touch you need!



From drinkware to vases for floral arrangements the mason jar has played a big part in weddings and has staked its claim as the go-to for rustic glam.  The lid of the mason jar takes center stage in this charming DIY project which features your wedding monogram!





By simply using a wide mouth mason jar lid, a sheet of corkboard and your wedding monogram, you have a sweet set of coasters to add to your coffee table. I like the rustic look that these galvanized tin lids have but you can easily use regular wide mouth mason jar lids!


What you will need:


  • wide mouth mason jar lids, about 3.5 inches in diameter.


  • a sheet of corkboard with an adhesive back


  • your wedding monogram as a stamp


  • ink pad


  • iron




Steps to make your coasters:


Step one: Trace the bottom of the lid onto the back of your corkboard sheet. Cut the circle and trim the edges to fit inside the lid.


Step two: Use your monogram stamp (if you don’t have a stamp you can get one made at and stamp in the center of the cork circle.


Step three: Place a sheet of paper over the cork and press the warm iron down for 5-7 seconds. This will set the ink so it doesn’t smudge or run!


Step four: Peel of the back of the cork and place in the center of the lid. Press firmly to make sure it sticks.





There are a variety of stamps that you can use to personalize your coasters whether they’re for your wedding or just to have at home. These DIY coasters would also make a sweet gift for your wedding guests!



Happy coaster making!