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DIY Fringe Wedding Backdrop

DIY Fringe Wedding Backdrop



A backdrop can completely alter your ceremony or reception setting in the best way possible. This striking fringe addition (from mywedding magazine) is no exception.








DIY Supplies




Crepe paper




Insider tip: Crepe paper comes in different widths. If your paper is more than 12 inches wide, cut it into narrower pieces about six to eight inches wide. This will give you more crepe paper to work with and create a better backdrop.






Step One


Fold your crepe paper in half and then half again until it is about 12 inches long. Then, begin cutting half-inch wide fringe slightly less than halfway through the paper. Be careful not to cut too far across your crepe paper.







Step Two


Once you’ve cut fringe all the way across one side, flip the crepe paper around and begin cutting half-inch wide fringe across the other side, again cutting less than halfway across. You want about an inch of uncut crepe paper separating the two sides’ fringe.







Step Three


Repeat steps one and two with all of your crepe paper. Your background will look amazing with at least three or four different colors of crepe paper.







Step Four


To assemble your backdrop, unfold and lightly stretch each piece of fringed crepe paper. Attach the top to a wall (we recommend removable adhesive strips), twist each piece several times and then attach the bottom to the floor.




Styling Tips


A fringe crepe paper backdrop like this will look amazing in any part of your wedding venue. A few especially high-impact ideas? Consider using it as a ceremony backdrop for your vows or placing it behind your sweetheart table at the reception. And don’t forget to consider using it as a photobooth backdrop for the big day!