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DIY Fringe Wedding Escort Cards

DIY Fringe Wedding Escort Cards

Escort cards are one of our favorite wedding details, and they’re also one of the best to make yourself. Take a cue from mywedding magazine and try these DIY escort cards out for your big day.






Gold rings

Gold wire

White string

Escort cards



Step One





Cut five strands of 24-inch long yarn in your chosen color palette.



Step Two





Gather all five strands together and fold them in half, then half again.



Step Three





Slide a gold ring onto the gathered and folded strands of yarn and move it to the middle of the folded length.



Step Four





Fold the yarn in half one more time, with the gold ring at one end.



Step Five





Cut a 12-inch piece of gold wire.



Step Six





Begin wrapping your wire around the collected pieces of yarn about 1/2 inch below the gold ring.



Step Seven





Use the scissors to trim the loose ends of your yarn so they’re even and there are no folded loops. Repeat steps one through six for as many tassels as you need, then write and attach your escort cards to complete the project.



Insider Tip





Adding calligraphy to your escort cards elevates the glam. The supplies are simple: a calligraphy nib, holder and ink. Don’t forget to get some practice in before you start on the cards.