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DIY Geometric Wedding Backdrop

DIY Geometric Wedding Backdrop

Perfect for ceremony settings, photobooth backdrops and bridal showers alike, this geometric DIY is a fun and fresh décor accessory worth penciling in to your DIY agenda. 


Our instructions call for a sewing machine (the quickest, simplest way to take on this project) but you could also attach your shapes to string using a glue stick.


White sewing thread


Cardstock paper in several different colors

White string or clear wire

Sewing machine

Step one: 

Cut your cardstock into triangles in a variety of sizes and shapes. For this particular look, keep the triangles organized by color – each of your strands will be made of one color.

Step two: 

Sew your triangles together. Use one of the longer stitches on your sewing machine and feed the triangles through the machine so that they are just touching. Line up the triangles in the same direction with the points at the top and the flat edges along the bottom. It’s okay to sew all of your triangles of one color onto the same strand and then cut it into smaller strands later.

Step three: 

Trim your strands to your desired length. We cut ours into a variety of lengths between three and five feet. 

Step four: 

Attach each of your strands to a piece of white string or clear wire by knotting the thread around it. Consider tying some strands so that the triangles point upward and some so the triangles point down. 

Step five: 

Secure your finished backdrop to a wall or, if outside, two poles set in the ground. We like these clear plastic hooks for wall hangings. Now step back and enjoy the scene you’ve perfectly set.