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DIY Photobooth and Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

DIY Photobooth and Wedding Ceremony Backdrops






It’s more than the quality time you’ll certainly get with your groom (MOHs and artsy in-laws are also great craft partners!) – a good DIY can lend a fun, playful and personality-packed dimension to your wedding, as well as set the perfect scene for heartfelt vows and quirky photos alike. And because it’s our personal goal to make this planning and inspiration thing as sweet and simple as that first slice of wedding cake, we’ve rounded up ten gorgeous wedding backdrops and the instructions that go along with them. So let’s get to it; if you bring the Mod Podge, we’ll pack the giant gold sequins.






Let’s start with something for the lettering lovers: a giant chalkboard wall. Write up your ceremony details or pose for a unique take on formal photos, and find some helpful hints on making your own right here.





Looking for those gold sequins we mentioned? Look no further. This DIY is modern and eclectic with just a dash of Gatsby.





This backdrop’s combination of bunting, balloons and tinsel makes for a dreamy holiday-inspired backdrop. We like it for photos, but think it would also be extra-pretty indoor altar decor.






Speaking of ceremony backdrops, have you seen this one from A Beautiful Mess? Bright, funky and super simple, this DIY is right up our busy wedding planning alley.





The bright colors and hearts in this garland backdrop are super sweet, but this DIY could also translate to any geometric shape or color palette you like.





Confession: we found this ombre DIY photobooth backdrop at Lovely Indeed, but we couldn’t pick just one of this talented blogger’s gorgeous projects to feature. So, instead…





…we chose this colorful ribbon backdrop, too.





Oh, and this tinsel backdrop. Because fuchsia tinsel always makes the cut (although, ideally, we’d make one of these in gold, too. Okay, and silver. And possibly blue…).





This neon balloon backdrop was intended for a birthday party, but we think it would be even better in the background of your wedding day memories!





Don’t even get us started on these giant DIY tissue paper flowers. They’ve officially taken our love for whimsical, garden weddings to a whole new level. Could you imagine taking your first look photos or saying your vows in between these six-foot tall blooms? We think you’d look extra-lovely right in the middle. Pass the chicken wire, please!



Are you planning on a unique backdrop for your ceremony, or as a open-air photobooth scene? Fill us in – what’s catching your eye? (Spoiler alert: the spring issue of mywedding The Magazine is going to include one of our all-time favorite DIY backdrops. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when it’s ready for crafting.)





Image credits: chalkboard backdrop (photo by Jenny Jimenez) // gold sequin wall // balloon and bunting backdrop // wedding day flower wall // heart garland backdrop // ombre tissue paper wall // ribbon backdrop // fuchsia tinsel photobooth backdrop // neon balloon backdrop // giant tissue paper flower DIY