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DIY Wedding Flower Ideas

Wedding flowers can be really expensive. Now, if you can, you should totally hire a florist for the majority of your flowers.

Wedding flowers can be really expensive. Now, if you can, you should totally hire a florist for the majority of your flowers. You are going to be really busy in the days leading up to your wedding, and the last thing you should be doing is visiting the wholesale market and trying to fit 8 dozen dahlias into the back of your Jetta.  But for bridal showers and smaller wedding flower details, why not DIY a couple of things (especially if you have a natural knack for all things floral)?

Below, I love this autumnal bridesmaid bouquet for October and November weddings. Filled with foliage and flowers in an array of oranges and reds, it would look right at home at a fall event.

Want to keep things super simple with your fella’s boutonniere?  This DIY tutorial (click on the image below) will have you wrapping up a succulent like a pro!

Terrariums are awesome, but harder than you would think to make them look perfect. Practice with this tutorial, and make a few for your welcome or guest book table.  Long engagement?  Spend those extra months shaping topiaries for your bridal shower. I had no idea just how many different kinds of topiaries you can DIY!


Another precious centerpiece for a bridal shower is this arrangement contained in a pineapple (below, left). Luau anyone?  This same idea would also work for pumpkins and watermelons, depending upon your wedding’s season.

Gather some of your favorite flowers and a few handfuls of moss. Plant them in a sweet ceramic soup tureen or serving bowl and present them to your mother and new mother-in-law. Either at your shower or before the big day, these ladies will appreciate the extra thoughtfulness. And seriously, why not earn some bonus points?  You’ll need them for the Guest List Debacle of 2015.


This flower-laden pergola (also known as an arbor) is definitely a more advanced DIY project, and probably better left to your craftiest, green thumbiest bridesmaids. But seeing it in all of its beautiful, vintage-inspired glory, the work was well worth it!

Speaking of vintage-inspired, every ‘getaway’ car should have one of these gorgeous garlands decorating it.  So much better than tin cans!

This year has been all about the baby’s breath, hasn’t it?  I’m so glad that this flower has finally received the attention its simple beauty deserves!  This wreath would be a lovely addition to any wedding’s decor, from spring to winter, from modern to shabby chic. And as a bonus, it’s really easy to recreate!

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