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Easy DIY Cake Stand

Easy DIY Cake Stand

Step by step instructions for this easy to make cake stand that’s guaranteed to add an extra slice of originality to your dessert table. 


Simple and sweet – literally – this DIY cake stand adds an extra slice of originality to your dessert table. Comb through your local thrift shop for candlesticks (small glass vases work well, too) and plates. Or stock up on supplies that fit your aesthetic at the dollar store, then mix and match to create stands in a variety of sizes, heights and colors. These stands are the prettiest pastry platters around


Primer spray paint



Hot glue gun

Hot glue

Food-safe sealant

Step one: 

Matching a candlestick with a plate, flip the plate over. It is important to secure your candlestick to the center of the plate’s bottom, so if the plate’s center isn’t clearly marked, make a small mark of your own with a Sharpie. Apply hot glue to the candlestick and immediately press it to the bottom of the plate.

Step two: 

Allow the hot glue to cool briefly, then place the plate on newspaper in a well-aerated space or outside. If your plates are plastic, you will need to use a specialty plastic primer to keep your spray paint from chipping or flaking. Apply the primer by spraying it onto the plate and candlestick in steady, sweeping motions. Allow to dry

Step three: 

Once your primer is dry, apply your spray paint. Spray two light coats with the same sweeping motion as the primer, allowing the cake stand to dry between each coat. Then, flip the stand over to make sure you’ve covered the bottom of the stand. Check for missed spots and apply a third coat if necessary.