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Easy DIY Wedding Projects to Personalize Your Day

Easy DIY Wedding Projects to Personalize Your Day



If you find your budget getting a little out of hand, scale back a bit and consider making (or baking) something for your ceremony yourself. These DIY projects are simple, cute and won’t break the bank.



Easy DIY floating candles



Floating Candles


Nothing gives off the perfect romantic vibe like candlelight. Make sure love is in the air at your reception with this DIY project.




Easy DIY card display



Personal Photos


If you’ve got a couple boards, a few Instagram worthy photos and some clips, then you’ve got the most precious focal piece for your big day. This is a great way to include pictures of loved ones who couldn’t make it to your ceremony. Plus, it’ll be fun to stroll down memory lane when picking which photos to hang.




Easy DIY sand centerpiece



Flower Centerpieces


If you’re wanting to go for a more traditional look, this flower center piece is a perfect option. The best thing about this DIY project is that you can make it as easy or as complicated as you like. You can layer different colors of sand for an ombre effect, or opt for different sizes of vases so each one looks different.




Easy DIY ribbon decor



Ribbon-Tied Chairs


Feeling like your reception needs a pop of color; buy some ribbon! This is probably one of the easiest DIY projects on the list, just make sure the ribbon is all the same length and won’t drag on the ground. You can even tie ribbon to a wooden dowel for a beautiful photo backdrop.




Easy DIY table numbers



Table Numbers


If you’ve got a big guest list and or you’re creating a seating chart, table numbers may be helpful. But they don’t have to be made of paper. Grab some spray paint, burlap (or any fabric that fits your theme) and number stencils and you’re on your way to creating awesome table numbers.




Easy DIY Mrs. t shirt



Bridal Party Shirts


This DIY project is two-fold. It ensures no dresses get last minute spills on them before the ceremony (perfect for those getting ready shots!) and it’s a great homemade gift for your bridal party. For a more personalized touch, you can find affordable stencils at any craft store and put nicknames on the shirts.




Easy DIY wedding favor



Party Favors


Let’s face it, your wedding guests love you, but they probably won’t keep party favor with you and your partner’s name on it forever. Instead of spending a crazy amount of money on something that will end up in a box, give them something they’ll actually want — food! While hot chocolate is a perfect choice for weddings in colder months, candy or snack mix are also good choices. And if you really want to save some cash, opt for plastic bags with a fun stamp of the date of your nuptials or you and your partners initials.




Easy DIY cupcakes





How many weddings have you gone to where there’s a huge, gorgeous cake, but way too much of it? Our guess is, quite a few. So instead of spending money on a huge cake, go ahead and make your own! Cupcakes, that is. And don’t worry, you can still arrange them in a cute display. Note: Practice with a small batch first, especially if you want to get fancy with the floral frosting ideas here.




Easy DIY wedding lighting


Spray Paint


A fresh coat of spray paint can really spruce up an object. If you’re looking for lighting for your outdoor reception, spring for cheaper lights light like the one pictured here and spray paint them the color of your choice.

Easy DIY wedding bar



Create Your Own Bar


Paying for a full bar may seem tempting at first, after all, you want your guests to let loose and have fun, but it’s expensive. Skip the drama and buy your own alcohol in bulk. This way you’ve got more control over how much is spent. Plus, this DIY project is fun, you and your partner will look like bosses buying up the all that alcohol at one time.