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Modern Trends That Will Inspire You to DIY

For those of you that think that all DIY revolves around cheesy crafts and bargain shopping, think again. Modern DIY is full of vibrant style and creative options!

Here are 9 ways that DIY is evolving, and why you should join in on the fun.

DIY allows you to hack trends you spot on blogs and in magazines.

The hottest projects you’ll find on modern DIY blogs are those that ‘hack’ popular styles seen online and in magazines. Whether spotted in Anthropologie or a celebrity wedding, these projects allow an everyday gal to have a version of the glam details she sees in opulent, inspirational events.  For example, the geode place cards above would be way too expensive for an average bride, but this inventive project uses a scanner to create faux stones at a tiny fraction of the price. Another popular trend in 2015 was the flower backdrop. Most of them would be so crazy-over-the-top to try and accomplish, but this pink example below is actually quite doable with enough practice runs.

DIY gifts allow you to make what you cannot find.

Making your own gifts and favors isn’t just a labor of love, it can sometimes be the only way to find exactly what you want. Maybe you have an inside joke with your bridesmaids about the bags people carry at farmers markets (above, right).  Perhaps you want to hand out sea salt hair spray as a favor at your beach wedding but can’t find any in a travel size. DIY projects help you create what you just can’t seem to find anywhere else.

Modern DIY uses a variety of technologies and tools.

If you still think of glue sticks and pinking shears as DIY supplies, you need to take a new look.  Especially as 3D printers become more readily available and affordable, we’ve seen plenty of successful DIYers use this modern technology in their projects. You can create personalized jewelry on an entirely different level (the above key chain is one example). In fact, many modern DIY bloggers have a computer set up that you would expect to see in a Bond villain’s den, not a crafter’s workspace.

You can find a DIY project at every skill level.

One of the coolest things about DIY is how it can grow with your skill level. The more you break out your supplies to try a new tutorial, the more proficient you become. These starburst sculptures above certainly wouldn’t be for a novice, but can be easily completely by someone who has already been through a few DIY rodeos before.  While DIY blogs used to center around very easy craft-centric projects, now they offer a nearly endless variety of tutorials for different skill levels and specific interests.

Today’s DIY combines the latest trends with your own creativity.

We love it when a trend moves in a grand new direction because of the creativity of others. Geometric details were one of the biggest hits of 2015.  And despite its popularity, it seemed like many of these geometric-centric projects were entirely fresh takes on the concept, rather than cookie cutter copies of the same thing.  Today’s makers encourage their followers to step out, try new things, and innovate what inspires them.

DIY is now more about creating something you will love and use, than saving money.

Anyone who has made a quality DIY projects knows that they probably didn’t save any money. Modern DIY’s focus isn’t on stretching your budget. Rather, it focuses on the satisfaction of creation and constructing something that you will truly love and use.  This watercolor mug will probably end up costing you more than if you found something similar at a department store.  However, knowing that you actually made it, and perhaps the memories of the day spent creating with friends, will have so much more value to you.

The best modern DIY projects combine practical need with stylish trends.

While we all might love to be the types of people to keep thorough and accurate scrapbooks of the most important events in our lives, let’s get real. All of that takes a whole lot of time that we just don’t have.  And how often are we going to pull out that album anyway?  Instead, find DIY projects that offer a solution in a stylish and useful way. Above, this hexagon print is made from cutouts of the wedding cards this couple received.  It’s something that they can hang on the wall in their kitchen and smile when they look at it.

These projects allow you to express your unique personality.

Sometimes you just can’t find a product that accurately represents you and your wicked sense of humor. Because sassy brides are not usually the largest demographic, you may not find a plethora of products geared towards you. Don’t get frustrated. Make your own!  These pie stencils are vivacious and witty and cool. And you can do it all by yourself, thankyouverymuch.

Modern DIY has succeeded in making upcycling chic and useful.

Something awesome and environmentally-friendly?  We’re fans! Ten years ago upcycling-themed DIY looked really makeshift and well, like someone has repurposed something.  Today, upcycling fools the eye.  These vases (above) look both modern and vintage because of the bright paints used on the glass lighting fixtures that were saved during a remodel.  If you love thrift stores, don’t hesitate to buy something that you love the look of, even if you don’t have an exact purpose for it. You’ll probably be able to find a great way to upcycle it!

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