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Rustic DIY Place Card Holders

Rustic DIY Place Card Holders

These gold animal place card holders are ideally suited for rustic celebrations with a touch of whimsy.


On your wedding day you’re doing more than saying vows. Yes, those promises are the headline attraction and the primary reason everyone you love is there beside you in the first place. But you’re inviting those guests, those people you love most, into a celebration. It’s a gathering of love and joy and life and dozens of tiny expressions of who you and your future spouse are, both apart and together – and those dozens of tiny expressions, like these quirky DIY place card holders, are what truly come together to set the tone, theme and details of your wedding day.

These creatures are quirky, undeniably cool and incredibly functional. If budget or time constraints won’t accommodate making a lot of these, you can make a few and use them for table numbers or signage on gift tables. Bonus: you can use these easy to make place card holders as desktop decor long after the conclusion of your celebration. If you have too many to keep, consider letting your guests take them home as favors to adorn their office space.

What You’ll Need:

Plastic figurines, hacksaw, gold spray paint, glitter spray paint, hot glue gun, and magnets.

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