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Simple & Affordable DIY Engagement Party Favors

Simple & Affordable DIY Engagement Party Favors



Here are 10 budget-friendly engagement party favors to hand out to your guests.




Tasty Favors


For your brunch bash, hand out these boxed donuts as fun engagement party favors (particularly if you have a favorite bakery in town).


Remember that favors aren’t required for an engagement party, but if you want to give them, they are a lovely gesture.







Personalized Cups


Your glassware can serve double duty as guest favors with these charming pink picnic cups. Have everyone grab one on their way in, and let them know the glasses are theirs to keep!







A Snack for the Way Home


We think these popcorn tubs with printable labels are just darling. And, it provides a tasty midnight snacks for guests to nibble on after they leave your evening shindig.







Homemade Butters


When we first heard about cookie butter, we admit that we were a little skeptical. Who knew it would turn into a total addiction? Make your own cookie or nut butters and hand them out in tiny jars with handwritten labels.







Garden Ready


These seed packets and matching clay markers are a terrific favor for a backyard or garden event. You can make the markers yourself at a very budget-friendly price.







Fortune Favors


At such a joyous celebration, it’s always a nice thing to share the good fortune. Make these adorable golden fortune cookies with personalized fortunes inside.







Fiesta Flair


We’re totally caught up in the fiesta trend. And this fun embroidery floss favor is easier and more affordable than you might guess. Attach them to keychains or name tags. Later, your friends can tie them to their purses or hang from their rearview mirrors.







Summer Sodas


Engagement party favors don’t need to be super fancy. We love this idea of fruity straws placed in bottles of soda for guests to grab as they say goodbye at a backyard barbecue.







Confetti Poppers


Nothing says “party” like handfuls of colorful confetti. Whether you assemble glittery confetti in poppers, or simply in vellum envelopes, this can be a playful gift to hand people on their way out.







Air Plants


Air plants are the hearty sort of plant that is thankfully difficult to kill. For those of us who weren’t born with a green thumb, they are a sweet favor.