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Simple DIY Projects for Summer Wedding Decor

Some fantastically fun and easy to assemble DIY projects for your own summer wedding.

DIY projects can be so much fun for a bride (or her crafty friends) to create. Especially if you don’t take on too much, a DIY product adds a dollop of your own personality to your wedding decor. 

Do you love to bake?  Are your chocolate peanut butter cupcakes one of his top 10 favorite things? Then, making your own cake makes perfect sense, if you really want to.  Just remember to keep it super, super simple. Layer cakes and cupcakes can be made the night before. Just don’t try to stack your cake sky high or use a recipe for the first time. You need to be thoroughly practiced in any type of DIY for these projects to be truly stress-free. Below, nothing is easier than a batch of undecorated cupcakes and bowls of candies, sprinkles, and nuts (left) for guests to go bananas with.  Or go with a childhood classic like homemade ‘funfetti’ cake to delight your friends (below, right).  If you love the idea of making your own cake, but are too intimidated, try making a cute topper instead. This mini gold mylar topper (above) may be the best modern detail we’ve seen in quite some time!


Photo booths are so 2014. This summer it is all about designing a ‘selfie station’ to aid your guests in taking a dynamic and fun picture of themselves. Above, hang shapes over a solid background in gold or brights to make a unique backdrop.  If you love rustic, find a calico print fabric you love and purchase a yard.  Frame it in a vintage frame and your friends will look like stoic characters in a Wes Anderson movie.  If your wedding is super colorful, make sure the background is a rainbow of hues, like this collection of bright tissue paper flowers (below, right).


A lot of times you want to create a detail simply to fill space. Whether it is a wide table or a big blank wall, these paper fans make for a stunning table runner or backdrop (below).

Napkins are another fun place for an unexpected detail. Find an herb like rosemary (shown below) and wind them in a circle. Then wrap them with a sweet twine bow. Your friends and family will not only love how pretty they are, but also how wonderful they smell!


Escort cards greet your guests, so make sure the names are legible and the presentation is fun!  If you want to emphasize your palette, try these cards with tissue paper tassels in brights. At a garden wedding, find a seed packet that you love and affix each guest’s name.

Few DIY projects are as simple and straightforward as this dynamic escort card sign below. Its pockets are cute, and in fashion-forward colors.


Who doesn’t love a popper? Find the perfect festive bundle to liven up your reception. For the 4th of July, we absolutely adore this patriotic tissue paper example above. Or design them to resemble Christmas crackers (below).

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