Wedding Planning

When to Abandon Your DIY Wedding Projects

You procrastinated with your DIY wedding projects and now you’re overwhelmed. We’re here to help.

When to Abandon Your DIY Wedding Projects Completely

1. Your schedule is completely packed and the details aren’t absolutely necessary.

In the weeks before the wedding, there is rarely time to get everything done. If you haven’t started your DIY wedding projects yet, it might be best to simply put them aside when the projects aren’t essential. For example, your wedding won’t fall apart if you don’t make wreaths for your aisle decor or if your place cards are plain rather than embellished. If you can, return the supplies or tools.

2. It’s the night before the wedding.

Yeah, it’s time to abandon ship on those projects and be fine with whatever you have. If you are able, buy something to substitute. If you had thought you would be making your favors, but aren’t able to, send a bridesmaid out to buy candies or simple trinkets to pass out instead. Ultimately, whatever you haven’t done the night before your wedding should be put aside and not add to a list of stresses or anxieties.

When to Tough It Out

1. You’ve spent a bunch of money on supplies and tools.

You were totally inspired by some DIY real weddings and went a little crazy at the local craft store. And between supplies and tools, you’re not even sure that you’ve saved money. Unfortunately, you are now totally lacking in any sort of crafty ambition and wish you had simply purchased your wedding details instead. But the items can’t be returned now. Buckle down and simply finish the project. Invite friends over and make the day fun. And reward yourself when you finish!

2. Your whole wedding is DIY.

As someone experienced with DIY, you bit off an awful lot for your wedding. It was important to you to create most of your own wedding details, and now you are falling behind on all of your projects. Before things get too far gone, set up a schedule on your calendar for all of your DIY items to keep you on task.

When to Readjust Your Project

1. You don’t have time to finish the initial idea.

You had thought you might make raspberry freezer jam for your favors, so you purchased cases upon cases of Mason jars and ordered personalized labels. But the berries came and went, and now you have no idea what to do. While you can’t complete the original project, you can still use your supplies. Fill your Mason Jars with candies, soaps, or local candies instead. Ask a friend to come over and examine your supplies with you to see how your own DIY wedding project can be readjusted to meet your needs and schedule.

2. You’ve changed your theme or style.

Sometimes wedding plans evolve. We often advise not to jump the gun with purchasing things like bridesmaid dresses or DIY supplies until you have your theme set in stone. But, being engaged is very exciting and sometimes we all get ahead of ourselves. If you purchased supplies, look for a way to rearrange them, or perhaps use the project for a different event. For example, if you now have all the supplies for rustic chalkboard signs but your wedding turned into a minimalist modern event, use the project at a bridal shower, bridesmaid luncheon, or rehearsal dinner.