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When to DIY Instead of Buy

When to DIY Instead of Buy

Should you break out your glue gun?

Trying to decide whether to purchase or DIY your details? There are advantages to each, but here are five compelling reasons to DIY instead of buy.

You truly love to craft.

DIY weddings have become such a major trend, but unfortunately, also a version of Keeping Up With the Joneses. If you aren’t a crafty gal, don’t worry that the last five weddings you have been to were brimming with DIY projects. However, if you really enjoy being crafty, DIY details can make your wedding decor an even bigger and more personal reflection of you. Just remember to stick to your DIY level. If you are a beginning crafter, trying a more advanced project might leave you frustrated.

You already have an extensive amount of supplies.

It’s a myth that DIY is always cheaper, especially if you don’t have any of the supplies or tools necessary for your desired project. For DIY brides that already own glue guns and pens and die cuts, DIY is a no-brainer. Creating paper details will be far more affordable than buying them online when you already have a stocked craft room.

You intend on either continuing to craft, or making something with the leftovers.

Another way to save money when DIYing is to purchase the supplies in bulk. But that only makes sense if you will end up using all of your materials either on this project, or in the future. If you never plan on using Mod Podge again, you probably don’t need a 30 gallon drum of it. But if you and Mod Podge have been friends since childhood, why not?

You want something highly personalized, and you can’t find it for purchase.

You and your fiance have an inside joke that you would love to showcase in your details, but you can’t find anything close enough for purchase. Or perhaps you have a really unique color palette and nothing at the stores is a great match. If you can create it, you should.

You have plenty of time and availability to create the projects.

DIYing for a crowd is different than just making something for you. It’s practically a production line. Make sure you have plenty of time and attention to devote to these details before you take on such a mighty task.