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Whimsical DIY Tissue Paper Poms

Whimsical DIY Tissue Paper Poms

Light, airy and always whimsical, these tissue paper poms make for dreamlike wedding decor with a multitude of uses. 


Turn them into brightly-topped napkin rings, spread them down the center of banquet-style tables, or double their size and string them up with wire as a hanging installation or photo booth backdrop. Whatever you choose, these tissue paper poms will bring the perfect amount of pizzazz to any setting. 


Tissue paper

White floral wire



Iron (otional)

Step one: 

Prepare your tissue paper by stacking the sheets on top of each other and then marking and cutting them into your desired paper pom width. For small poms, layer four pieces of paper and then cut the paper into strips that are about four inches wide and 10 inches long. For large poms, increase the number of layers and the width and length – we recommend trying a couple of dierent sizes to see which ones you like best! If your tissue paper is very wrinkled, lightly iron out the folds.

Step two: 

Take a strip of tissue paper and fold it accordionstyle. For this 4-inch diameter pom, aim to make your folds about a half-inch wide.

Step three: 

Twist a two-inch piece of floral wire around the middle of the folded tissue paper. Cut the floral wire longer if you plan to attach the pom to another object. 

Step four: 

Trim the edges of your tissue paper. Cut them into triangular points or round them for a softer look – try cutting a paper pom each way and see which one you like better!

Step five: 

Lay the folded tissue paper on its side and spread out the folds as far as you can, letting the wire hold the middle together. Then carefully begin to separate each layer of tissue paper from the one beneath it, pulling up and apart. Do the same to the rest of the layers and spread out the petals into an even pom.

Setp six: 

Arrange your completed poms as desired – hang them with clear wire or fishing line, place them like flowers in a vase, or put a pom at every place-setting.