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Do We Really Need a Wedding Website?

Do We Really Need a Wedding Website?

The short answer is yes! Here’s why.

There are plenty of things to pass on when you’re planning your wedding. Expensive welcome bags? Skip. Out-of-your-reach DIYs? Next. A wedding website, however, is not one of those things—it’s an integral tool you and your guests will turn to in the months before the big day. Plus, there’s something fun and personal about having a place to share the story of your relationship, interesting details about your venue, or the special foods you plan on serving. Really, a wedding website is more than a tool—it’s a staple. Here are three reasons why you can’t be without one.


It can be updated.

Save-the-dates and wedding invitations are forever, but a wedding website is malleable! Communicate last-minute changes or unforeseen complications to your guests with the click of a button. It’s particularly helpful if you realize—a week before the wedding—that your venue is a lot less easy to find than you thought. The solution? Providing new, simplified directions on your wedding website. Crisis averted.

You can convey details that don’t fit (or belong!) on invitations.

Sending your registry information along with your wedding invitation is a wedding taboo—but sending a link to your wedding website, which contains information about where you’ve registered, is perfectly acceptable. Other things your guests need to know—like dress code, children policies, hotel availability, and that post-wedding brunch—can also be added to your website.

It’s a place to tell your love story.

While your immediate family and friends might know all about you and your fiancé’s meet-cute, your out-of-town guests and the family you haven’t seen since your sweet sixteen probably don’t. Use your wedding website to share the details everyone wants to know—be sure to include where you had your first date and your proposal story!—in your own, personal way, so that when everyone arrives on the big day, they’re on the same page.