Wedding Planning

Do We Still Need a Wedding Website If We’re Having a Small Wedding?

The short answer: Why not?

If you’re planning an intimate affair for your nuptials, you may not think that you need a wedding website. With fewer guests, it might feel manageable to contact everybody directly with important information. But no matter if you’re having five guests or 500, the sites are valuable and still worth considering. Here, we tell you why:


Guests May Resent Constant Contact

Just because you can easily contact everyone on your guest list doesn’t mean that you should. Many would prefer access to a hub that has it all over getting bombarded with texts, calls, emails, and the like.

Mistakes and Memory Malfunctions Happen

Even if celebrants do like more personal communication, it’s easy to accidentally throw out invitations, delete messages, or forget what’s shared verbally. Putting all of your event’s must-know details on a wedding website solves both of these problems, even if it’s just backup.

It’s a Digital Age

Nowadays, it’s common for couples to use technology to their advantages. Guests are likely to be on the web to view your registry, anyway—why not share the link on a wedding website? You can also use the tool to post images (your engagement album, a photo directory of the members of your wedding party, etc.) and other assets that are best shared online. Plus, your site can be updated and added to if necessary, so you don’t need to stress if certain details change or you forget to spread the word about something elsewhere.