Wedding Planning

Don’t Forget These Important Items on Your Wedding Registry

When you register for your wedding, you probably won’t forget the blender or towels or duvet cover.  However, you might forget some of the little details that turn your new house into your first home. Here are 10 items to remember on your Crate and Barrel wedding registry!

Area rugs can unify a room better than any other single detail.  Not only does it give structure to the space and tie colors together, it can also create a warmer environment (both psychologically and physically–bare feet on hardwoods in winter? No thank you).

Purchase curtains in calming neutrals for the rooms you relax in.  This patterned gray is light enough to let the sun shine through.

When you register for neutral furnishings, it allows you to play with different palettes as seasons and trends change. Start off with something you love know to decorate your space. This mustard and gray pillow would add color and texture to your living room.

Don’t forget all the seasons when you register. Right now summer entertaining seems like a long way away, but it will be here before you know it. This charcoal grill means long summer evenings hosting your friends and family for fun BBQs.

And you are going to need somewhere for people to sit during those leisurely July nights, so remember to register for a sturdy patio table like the one above.

Hurricane candle holders are one of our favorite details, and this wood one is really lovely. You can use inside during the winter and outside on the patio during the summer.

This modern arc lamp is really, really cool. But it’s also practical for when you need light to reach over a wider space, such as in a living room or den.

Wall sconces are a terrific way to light up corners and other small spaces. Use this cool bronzed sconce on either side of your bed for a good reading light.

This shiny pendant light will transform your kitchen or breakfast nook instantly! Replace the standard light fixture in your new house with this for an easy makeover that will personalize your space.

While your phone alarm works perfectly well, there’s just something about a real clock. This stylish bedside table accessory makes getting up early in the morning just a little better.

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