Wedding Planning

First 5 Things To Do Once You Are Engaged

Advice from a bride on what to do after he pops the question!

When you get engaged, time seems to do one of two things: it either stops completely, or it starts moving so quickly that your head is spinning. Mostly, I think the latter is the more common scenario, especially once you’ve said ‘yes’ and the weight of that word officially starts to sink in. I mean, you have a ring on your finger and a wedding to plan!

But before you launch headfirst into the hundreds of details and decisions that go into planning that wedding, there are five things that need to happen first.

1. Call your family. All of them. Or at least the family members (and friends, too) that, though you may not talk to them on a regular basis, are close to you and have played important roles in your lives! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…these people love you, are excited for you, and deserve to hear the big news firsthand.

2. Get your ring sized and insured. Making sure your ring is the perfect fit and that it’s protected against loss or damage are top priorities at this point. The last thing you want, now that it’s on your hand and sparkling away, is for something to happen to your engagement ring and to not be able to take care of it.

3. Pick a date. Or even just a general time frame. This will give your family and friends something to work with and hold onto, because of course they’ll all want to know!

4. Set your budget. Before you get too far down the road of daydreaming about your wedding, it’s a great idea to start to wrap both your minds around how much you’re really willing to spend on it. Whether you’re footing the bill as a couple, or your family is pitching in, knowing where everyone stands when it comes to finances is essential.

5. Make a wedding website! Like on, of course. This way you can start to share information with your friends and families, like telling your engagement story, how you met, or the wedding details as they unfold. This is a great way to not only give others some insight into your relationship, but to pass along specific plans as you pin them into place.

Photo Credit: Chris Humphreys Photography