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10 Beautifully Autumnal Bouquets for Fall Weddings

10 Beautifully Autumnal Bouquets for Fall Weddings

Try one of these pretty arrangements for fall weddings.

jewel tone bouquets

Jewel Tone Glam

Dahlias are such beautiful flowers, and they are often used in fall weddings. In these stunning bridal and bridesmaids bouquets their cool texture is emphasized by creating a nearly monochromatic look, save the few blush blooms dotting the arrangements.

sunflower wedding bouquet

Bold Sunflowers

Sunflowers are used in bouquets year-round, for their cheeriness and how much they can quickly fill out the arrangement (much like hydrangeas it only takes a few stems to create a full effect). When used with deep wine-colored flowers, sunflowers also provide a pretty pop of golden yellow.

King Protea bouquet

Dramatic Flowers

When sunflowers just aren’t large and dramatic enough, though, it’s time to graduate to the King Protea. This giant tropical bloom will add so much character to your bridal bouquet. For fall, use it with lots of greenery and neutral-hued flowers.

neutral bridal bouquet

Warm Earth Tones

Don’t you love how sunsets really glow against the changing colors of fall? This warm, earth-toned bouquet is soft and muted, but it still reflects those beautiful autumnal shades. This would be a great bouquet for fall weddings with neutral color palettes.

pastel fall bouquet

Pretty Pastels

Pink color palettes are popular no matter what the season. Take your pink wedding into fall by using warm, rosy shades and layering it with pale blush and lavender.

herbal bridal bouquet

Simple Herbs

Anyone who has ever planted a summer herb garden knows how much they can seemingly explode with plants. You end up having more than you could ever possibly use. Incorporate them into a bouquet filled with sage and rosemary, greenery, and even a crab apple or two.

dusty miller bouquet

Unique Combinations

This gorgeous bouquet uses two elements that are normally supporting players as the main stars. Dusty miller and privet berries come together to create a lavish fall arrangement with an abundance of color and texture.

giant bridal bouquet

Bright & Colorful

Love the colors of the season? Have your florist create a dynamic bouquet full of yellows, oranges, and red. This giant bouquet is an extreme design, with flowers cascading nearly down to the ground. If you like this type of bouquet, make sure to do a little weight-lifting before your wedding day!

rose and berry bouquets

Traditional Choices

These rose and gerbera daisy bouquets are perfect for traditional brides that want an impactful pop of color against the bridal party’s dresses. Make the bride’s bouquet unique from the others by including a few cream roses.

rustic fall bouquets

Rustic Bouquets

For more rustic fall bouquets, substitute the roses from the previous example with bright sunflowers. Along with a colorful array of gerbera daisies, bouquets like these can be wrapped in twine to complete the look.