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10 Peony Centerpieces That Will Add a Romantic Touch to Your Wedding

10 Peony Centerpieces That Will Add a Romantic Touch to Your Wedding



It’s scientifically proven (or so we’d like to think) that peonies are the most romantic wedding flower choice. There’s just something about the soft, full blooms that lend themselves to gorgeous wedding centerpieces, which is why you’ll want to peruse our roundup of 10 of the prettiest peony centerpieces we’ve seen.



Pretty in Pink Peony Mason Jar Centerpiece



Pretty in Pink


For something understated and cute, try arranging two baby pink blooms in a mason jar wrapped with lace and burlap. You can group them in threes, scatter them randomly down the table or place them in a line down the center— however you decide, these peony centerpieces will be playful and sweet.




Autumnal Peonies in Rustic Centerpiece



Fall Flowers


While peonies are primarily a warm weather flower, they can also be beautiful additions to any fall floral arrangement. We love the warm oranges and reds against the galvanized gray vase. It’s a little bit rustic, a little bit industrial and completely cool.




Rustic Peony Centerpiece



Rustic Romance


There’s something about the way the deep purple flowers play off the orange and pink peonies in this centerpiece that we just can’t get enough of. It’s unexpectedly dramatic, in this effortless way that that doesn’t look fussy or too “done.”




Natural White Peony Centerpiece



All Dressed in White


The lush greenery really sets off the vibrant white of these peonies. This centerpiece is packed full, unlike some of our other, more simple arrangements, and would look totally at home at a springtime garden wedding.


Romantic Pastel Pink Peony Centerpiece



Blushing Bouquet


Romance reigns with this pastel pink peony centerpiece. While this is technically a bridal bouquet, it’s got that balance of formal and casual that would work perfectly in a simple glass vase on a tablecloth covered picnic table.




Eucalyptus and Peonies in Stone Box Centerpiece



Eucalyptus Love


The short stature and full blooms in this chic stone centerpiece is a fresh take on a traditional peony arrangement. The eucalyptus adds a rustic element of greenery — plus it smells ah-mazing.




Springtime Mason Jar Centerpieces



Springtime Centerpiece


Grouping smaller arrangements (like these incredible paper flower peonies) in multiples across long tables is one of our favorite ways to dress up a laid-back reception. The pop of color and different textures of the mix of flowers feels special but not overdone.




Oversize Peony Centerpiece



Standout Centerpiece


If you’re looking for a more standout centerpiece, this pink and green option is for you. We’d love to see this oversized arrangement in a hotel ballroom wedding where its sophistication and class would shine.



Artful Peony Centerpeice in Milk Glass Vase



Artful Arrangements


Still life painting or peony centerpiece — it could be either! This artfully-arranged arrangement is begging to be put on the head table at an art museum wedding. The way it extends past the vase is original, cool and modern.




Glam Gold Peony Centerpiece



Glam Gold


For a more glamorous affair, pair bright pink peonies with metallic gold vases. This one would look sparkle and shine under a banner of twinkle lights or a tent outdoors.