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10 Gorgeous Wedding Boutonnieres for Spring

10 Gorgeous Wedding Boutonnieres for Spring



Looking for a boutonniere for your favorite fella? These 10 wedding boutonnieres are lovely for spring weddings, from modern to rustic.







Rustic Succulents


Succulent and greenery boutonnieres are popular with grooms and their friends because it saves them from being covered in all things pastel and scented.







Boho Glamour


Is your groom a bit brave when it comes to his fashion choices? For your boho wedding, he might love this avant garde idea of combining his boutonniere and his bow tie.







Minimalist Chic


Especially at a wedding where herbs have a starring role in the floral arrangements, or one in a botanical garden, these tiny sprigs are a subtle, modern touch.







A Similar Shape


This boutonniere not only used the same flowers as the bride’s bouquet, it was also shaped similarly.  Pinned against his lapel, this long boutonniere was unique and stylish.







Elegant Drama


This groom chose a lively cobalt blue suit and wore a white rose boutonniere with a few deep blue berries to complement it. Because his suit was so colorful, he wisely chose more muted tones with the flowers.







Wrapped in Copper


Copper is one of this year’s most popular accents for weddings. Wedding boutonnieres wrapped in coppery wire is the modern equivalent of rustic twine. Plus, the metallic really pops against a dark suit.







Woodsy Greens


For spring’s lush forest weddings, design a boutonniere that reflects your natural surroundings. This enchanting example features green berries and ferns behind a couple of sweet blooms.







Vintage Sophistication


Looking for a way to make your vintage wedding’s boutonnieres unique, without going too trendy? Wrap them in velvet ribbon. Keep the arrangements loose, rather than highly structured. The groom and groomsmen can either wear them on their lapels on tuck them into their breast pockets.







Spring Colors


Of course, for the ultimate in spring wedding boutonnieres, go with cheerful, sweet shades like these coral-hued options with dusty miller. They are a terrific complement to just about any color suit, but especially light gray.







Geek Love


Is your groom proud to be a little geeky when it comes to his favorite sci-fi flicks or video games? He will love these creative minifig boutonnieres that show off his fun side.