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10 Peony Bouquets for Summer Weddings

From shabby chic to utterly elegant, these 10 peony bouquets make a beautiful statement.


Looking for bouquets with your favorite flower? Brides love peony bouquets because of their elegance and timeless quality.

Carry a Provence-inspired bridal bouquet showcasing pale pink peonies surrounded by purple thistle and olive leaves. Tie together with a silk ribbon for a shabby chic quality.


Monochromatic Chic

Few wedding bouquets are quite so chic (and as at home in any theme) as a white peony bouquet. This monochromatic statement is simple and pretty. You can do this with any color to create different moods. For example, a bright coral peony bouquet will be lively and fun, whereas this white bouquet is serene and elegant.


All in Bloom

Peonies can look very different depending on how in bloom they are. Tightly balled peonies can turn into ruffly, sweet flowers in a matter of days. With each lending a different effect to a bouquet, discuss your preference with your florist.


Sweet Romance

Like many wedding details, a bridal bouquet is often very sweet and romantic. For brides that really value having traditional flowers, this lush bouquet of peonies and roses is a perfect fit.


Juicy Hues

Some of our favorite peony bouquets are those that really pop against a dress. This cascading bouquet of pink peonies and ranunculus looks lovely against the bride’s white wedding dress.


Matching Bouquets

It’s common for the bride to have a much larger and more extravagant bouquet than her bridal party. However, we also really like the look of matching bouquets. These bridesmaids all wore white and carried bright peony bouquets, creating a cheery, upbeat vibe.


Bold & Daring

Not all bold flowers are those in bright sherbet hues. Mix your peonies with red anemones, tulips, orange roses, and yellow ranunculus for a dynamic and colorful bouquet.


Flower Power

This bride clearly loves flowers. A lot. Not only is she wearing a lavish floral crown, but she is also carrying a bouquet that probably required extra training at the gym. When you want to make a big statement, use plenty of peonies and pair them with large greenery, such as these silver dollar eucalyptus leaves.


Jewel-Toned Glamour

Jewel toned wedding decor is so striking. Incorporate your palette into your peony bouquet by using similar hues, as well as pops of complementary colors, such as the pale peach ranunculus seen here.


Stem Value

It doesn’t take more than one trip to the florist to realize the varying cost of flowers. And while daisies are much cheaper per stem than peonies, peonies are able to pack a punch with fewer blooms. Consider how many flowers you actually need in your peony bouquets when assessing the cost and value of your florals.