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10 Summer Centerpieces for a Stunning Reception

10 Summer Centerpieces for a Stunning Reception

We’ve got all the essentials for great summer centerpieces.

floating candle centerpiece

Seaside Love Story

Life is a beach when you love by the sea! Celebrate seaside fun with beach inspired layers of sand, shells, and sea creatures. Floating votives enhance the romance and protect the flame from an ocean breeze.

fruit and flowers centerpiece

Figs and Flowers

Complement soft pink flowers with figs and rich purple grapes to contrast color and texture. The gold candlesticks are classic decor elements that will give off a warm glow.

planted grass centerpiece

Fresh Cut Summer

A celebrated summer smell is fresh cut grass. This fragrance inspires unique grass centerpieces. Potted with stones to create a simplistic pop of color on every table, these wheatgrass centerpieces are a terrific modern touch!

berry wedding centerpiece

Berry Lovely

Berries help bridge the gap between summer and fall. The crisp air beckons fall to enter, but these end of summer centerpieces extend the season just a little longer. Under-ripe berries offer paler shades to contrast against the lush flowers. An interesting mix and match for an affair between seasons.

succulent wedding centerpieces

The Theme is Succulents

Succulents are in great supply for lots of little summer centerpieces. They offer quantity and quality with the ability to mix and match. Put your signature stamp on it with clay, glass or copper vases. Also makes a great gift for guests to take home!

Stone Fruit Centerpiece

Stone Fruit Sensation

Don’t stop at grapes! Stone fruit in a centerpiece gives off lots of summer attitude. Lush peaches and plums can tie flowers together for colors that are hard to find late in the season.

bright gerbera centerpieces

Summer On Summer On Summer

Make a copy to savor summer. Then make a copy of a copy. Make a few more copies and it’s a color bonanza. Bright and small arrangements make a big statement when multiplied side by side.

Sun and Sunflowers

Sun and Sunflowers

Sum up summer with sunflowers for the most iconic end of summer centerpieces ever. Their rich golden color looks great with a pale blue to carry the mood of the season wherever you go.

yellow wedding centerpiece

Color of The Season

The sun won’t go down on your summer wedding! Yellow is the color of happiness, friendship, and summer. A variety of yellow flowers can extend the summer feels. Squeeze every last bit of season into your happy day.

Summer Fair Centerpiece

Summer Fair

The summer fair comes to you. Little touches of colored glass, chevron, and rolls of raffle tickets add to the whimsy. The county fair is synonymous with summer. These little details perfectly capture nostalgic memories.