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11 Faux Wedding Flowers That Look So Real

11 Faux Wedding Flowers That Look So Real



Faux wedding flowers aren’t something that every bride considers when thinking about centerpieces and bouquets but many arrangements look real and are super affordable.



light floral centerpiece



A Fresh Mix


This gorgeous bouquet of faux wedding flowers looks very much like what many brides find appealing for their centerpieces. Although these flowers aren’t real, the detail in the petals (can you believe those aren’t real roses?!) will make you do a double-take.




red tulip arrangement





What better way to tie in your wedding colors? Tulips (real or faux) are a vibrant flower. The mason jar vase offers a rustic twist on a classic floral arrangement, combining elegance with simplicity.




purple and white arrangement



Pop Of Color


This unique bundle of faux flowers is perfectly situated in a charming wooden box. The contrast between the white and ivory base flowers and the deep violet hues of the accent flowers would complement a purple wedding theme. Of course, any color flower can be substituted in this centerpiece to tie in colors.




Pumpkin centerpiece



Fall Inspired


If you are celebrating your big day in the fall, you may consider an autumn-themed centerpiece like this one. Another relatively simple DIY project, these faux flowers situated in a faux pumpkin are absolutely gorgeous. The details and the different textures make this centerpiece pop.




fabric flower bouquet



Felt & Cotton


Silk flowers aren’t the only option for brides who choose to go with faux flowers as their centerpieces. This bouquet is made out of felt and cotton! It’s a great option for someone with allergies and adds a unique spin on the “traditional” faux flower arrangements that we’ve looked at in this slideshow thus far.




faux pink arrangement



Pretty In Pink


This vintage-style faux centerpiece offers classic elegance. It’s a bit more involved in comparison to some of the other examples shown in our slideshow but the intricacies of its real-life appearance are appreciated.




faux hydrangea centerpiece



Simple Hydrangeas


This gorgeous bunch of hydrangeas is the perfect centerpiece for any wedding. The flowers, although faux, are full and take up a nice footprint on any round table. You can also choose different colors to accent your bridesmaids’ dresses, which makes this a great idea all around.




sunflower bridal bouquet



Fall Colors


It’s a common misconception that faux wedding flowers actually look fake and that people can tell from a mile away when a bride’s bouquet isn’t made with fresh stems. However, this bouquet proves that theory wrong. We absolutely love the addition of the berries that give this fall bouquet some texture.




Cascading Orchid Bouquet



Cascading Bouquet


Take a look at this stunning bouquet! If you’ve always dreamed of having a cascading bouquet but you want to do so with artificial blooms, you totally can. The colors and details really bring this piece to life.




faux bridal bouquet



Sweet Bouquet


Here is yet another fantastic example of faux wedding flowers that look like the real deal. This bouquet is breathtaking — and made of silk flowers! Perhaps the best part is that you don’t have to pay money to have these flowers preserved!




faux flower ball



Kissing Balls


Some couples love to have their flower girls carry “kissing balls,” but they can be really expensive. Having faux flowers can be a better solution. These roses look so real!