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5 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers

5 Creative Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Flowers

Don’t toss away that wedding bouquet! From donation to decor, there are so many ways to recycle your wedding flowers. Because of their heavy pesticide content, most wedding flowers cannot be safely composted – so what’s a green bride to do?


One option is to source organic, pesticide-free seasonal blooms for your big day, but even conventionally produced flowers can be given new life with a little pre-planning. Here are some ideas to help you green your wedding greenery after the event:




1. Use Potted Plant Centerpieces And Resell Them


Potted flower centerpieces can be earthy or exotic, and are easy to reuse after your wedding. You can take them home for yourself, let your bridal party enjoy them, or even resell your reception centerpieces to another bride on Craigslist and recoup some of your costs. Some nurseries even let you rent potted displays and return them after your event.



Image: Summer Wedding Centerpieces



2. Turn Your Wedding Flowers Into Confetti


If you like DIY projects you can turn your engagement shower flowers, bridal bouquet or reception displays into confetti by following these DIY rose petal confetti instructions. If you do this to pre-wedding event flowers, you can use them for your exit toss. If you wait until after your wedding you can add the confetti to DIY soap gifts for your family, save it as potpourri or give it to the next friend getting married.







3. Replant Succulents


Succulents are great for ceremonies in hot climates as they are extremely heat tolerant. There are so many great succulent ceremony and reception ideas to choose from. In addition to being stylish and sustainable, succulents are one of the few plants that can be re-potted – even if they have been out of soil for several days. To re-pot succulents, just clip off the end and set them into moist soil.




Image: Painted Wedding Cakes



4. Donate Your Flowers To Charity


Even if they will only last a few days beyond your wedding, fresh bouquets are always welcome at hospitals, nursing homes and homeless shelters. Make arrangements with the recipient organization and your florist (or generous friends) ahead of time to make sure your plan goes smoothly.








5. Turn Your Flowers Into An Album Or Cards

After your wedding, Cast Paper Art can transform your flowers into handmade recycled paper thank you cards or a unique floral paper photo album. This is a great way to memorialize the beauty of your wedding flowers while supporting an eco-friendly artisan.



Image: Floral Expressions



Reusing and recycling your flowers is an easy way to decrease the environmental footprint of your event while extending the joy of the day.