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7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist

7 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Florist



Your wedding flowers are the key to bringing your theme to life. Before you pick your petals, make sure to ask your potential florist these questions.



With every wedding vendor you book, it’s important to ask all the right questions to ensure you’ll get the most bang for your buck. And while it’s easy to get caught up in scouting venues and photographers, the role of flowers is essential to conveying your style. A good time frame for booking your florist is 6-8 months before the date – just make sure you get the answers to these first.



What’s your style and expertise with weddings? 


Like your wedding photographer, each florist has their own unique style. If you picture your ceremony channeling full on woodland vibes, consider a florist who’s personal style is closer to naturalistic than glam. At this time, ask to see their wedding portfolio to get an idea of how their work will fall into your vision.



Can you work with my budget?


Before you schedule your appointments, inquire about each florist’s pricing and payment plans. Be up front about the logistics: what your maximum budget is, how many bridesmaids you’ll have and how many guests you’re expecting (to provide an idea of the number of table arrangements). From there on, clarify how they charge – whether that’s a flat rate or per arrangement – and any additional costs like delivery fees.



Will my favorite flowers be in season for my wedding date?


Choosing flowers that don’t grow during the same season as your wedding can cost you a pretty penny, so ask about the availability of the flowers you want. If off-season flowers will break your budget, ask for recommendations for in-season florals that have a similar appearance.





Do you book more than one wedding per day?


Especially if you have a more unique vision, it’s good to have a more attentive florist from the start of the design concept to the day-of details. Inquire about their team’s expertise, and for larger studios, ask how many lead designers will be involved in the design process. It’s important to know how many events they’ll book during the week of your wedding so you know who will work with your florals day of, whether that’s your primary designer or their staff instead.



Will you advise on my wedding décor?


Some floral designers offer rentals and event styling in addition to their floral services. But if you plan on hiring another vendor to handle the overall design of your wedding, talk to your potential florists about designing on the basis of the rest of your décor from the lighting to your table details.



Can I see samples of my floral arrangements before the wedding?


A portfolio gives you a good idea of each florist’s style, but a mock-up is essential to see how they can apply their eye to your vision. This way, any necessary adjustments to your flowers and budget can be made before the big day. Sometimes a mock-up is included in your floral package, but some will charge an additional cost.



What is your refund/cancellation policy?


This is always a question to ask before signing a contract. Proof of liability insurance is often a requirement for most vendors, just in case you need to change your wedding date or cancel one vendor for another.



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