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9 Amazing Fall Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

9 Amazing Fall Wedding Flowers for Your Big Day

Get acquainted with these beautiful fall wedding flowers that you’ll be craving all year.


rose bouquet




Roses never go out of style in the wedding world, which is great news for fall brides. These gorgeous blooms are plentiful and readily available in the autumn months, and available in nearly every color you could imagine.


dahlia bouquet




Striking in its size and complexity, the dahlia is the queen of the autumn flowers. She varies in layering, shape, and hue, however is constant in one: her beauty. The lighter shades are perfect for an end of summer outdoor wedding, while the more intense oranges, burgundies, and purples are your foundation for a jewel-toned bouquet.


coxcomb celosia




Coxcomb, otherwise known as celosia, is a pretty flower usually used as a punchy “filler” in bouquets. It comes in a variety of warm tones and looks equally cute fresh or dried.


burgundy protea




The new hot flower of the desert wedding trend, protea are flowers that traditionally come from arid climates and bloom in the fall. It’s a beautiful statement bloom for a bridal bouquet or fun as the focus of a small centerpiece display.






Ideal for a rustic wedding theme, yarrow is traditionally a wildflower, and retains a simple aesthetic. Like coxcomb, it presents itself well either fresh or dried and ranges in color from neutral to bold.


calla lilies


Calla Lilies


White calla lilies became popular when Downton Abbey brides carried them down the aisle, however the colorful ones are next level. So extremely vibrant are their hues and so elegant their shape that fall brides will have a hard time denying themselves at least a few calla lilies in their bouquet or wedding centerpieces.


orange gerbera


Orange Gerberas


There’s something so frank and honest about gerberas and nothing says “fall wedding” like their fiery orange blooms. A modern option for a tablescape or an easy component of a bouquet, these flowers will stand out in the best possible way.






You know fall is here when they start selling chrysanthemums at all the local shops. That’s why they are the perfect statement fall wedding flowers to tie in the seasonality of your nuptials. Though usually seen in planters, long stem varieties are available and those small mums can be used for boutonnieres or other décor elements.


sunflower bouquet




And no one can forget the mighty sunflower- its iconic colors are a bold statement: fall is here. A wonderful choice for an autumn wedding, incorporate the bounty of the harvest and the beauty of the late summer sun into your wedding inspiration.