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Beyond the Mason Jar: Wedding Decor Alternatives

Beyond the Mason Jar: Wedding Decor Alternatives


I’ll be the first to say it: I love a good mason jar. Seriously, you can ask my husband. All the mason jars we used in our wedding three years ago? Still happily taking up residence in our house where I use them as drinking glasses, leftover food storage and, yes, to hold the occasional errant flower. I’ve probably written an ode or two to mason jars, I wouldn’t take back a word of that admiration. But, when it comes to celebrations, mason jar wedding décor has some definite competition these days. Which means that it’s high time we talked about mason jar décor alternatives – and, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve got some lovely and unique ones in sight.



First of all, full disclosure, this is not an all-inclusive list of table décor options. These are just a few of the ideas that have been catching my eye lately – but if you find yourself hungry for more inspiration at the end of this post, well, have I got the place for you. Now, let’s look beyond the mason jar.






Repurposed Bottles


From wine bottles scrubbed clean to vintage finds, repurposed wedding décor is some of the prettiest around. The variety of colors, shapes and sizes available when you limit yourself to an option as broad as “glass bottles” leaves you with styling choices that are utterly limitless – and one hundred percent beautiful.






Metallic Vases


There’s something so timeless about metallic vases, whether we’re talking freshly-made mercury glass or ancient silver polished until it shines. Better yet, I firmly believe that metallic décor is some of the most seasonally and stylistically neutral stuff around – depending on the details of the pieces themselves it can fit into almost any wedding theme from vintage to modern.







Milk Glass


Oh, milk glass. Confession number two: alongside my mason jar collection, I also have a milk glass collection made up of leftovers from my brother’s wedding that I just couldn’t bear to part with.  But in all seriousness, milk glass wedding décor is simple, sweet and looks oh-so pretty at outdoor weddings with feminine details and soft color palettes.







Wooden Décor


Of all the different types of wedding décor, wooden décor is most easily connected to a theme – this stuff is rustic all the way. From log accents to small wooden planters and vases, this alternative has an earthy, slightly casual vibe I wouldn’t want to shake.







Cloche Décor


Easily the most whimsical of these wedding décor alternatives, cloches are fun, playful and absolutely gorgeous. Turn them into a terrarium or fill them with flowers, use them to cover cakes, cake toppers and all your other favorite wedding details. The sky is the limit. Seriously.




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