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Creating Modern Wedding Tablescapes

From sleek and minimalist to tablescapes loaded down in color and texture, you certainly know modern decor when you see it!  Here are 8 ways you can make your own modern tablescapes pop!

Trying to master the art of creating a modern tablescape?  Part of why this task can be so difficult is the varying definitions and styles that ‘modern’ embodies. But from sleek and minimalist to tablescapes loaded down in color and texture, you certainly know modern decor when you see it!  Here are 8 ways you can make your own modern tablescapes pop!

Use the walls as a backdrop to allow your decor to move to the forefront.

Your venue doesn’t have to be ‘decorated’ to have an impact on your wedding. The industrial feel of the loft space above completely complements the chic, modern aesthetic of the table decor.  The emphasis on the open space of the room combined with the cozy wooden tables creates an environment that is equal parts energetic and calm.  Below, the vivid robin’s egg blue walls of this reception venue help the white linens and greenery centerpieces stand out. This is a great technique to use when you have a limited budget, or simply do not want to purchase a bunch of extravagant decor pieces.

Keep your place settings interesting with different colors and patterns.

Modern tables aren’t just minimalist masterpieces. If you love color and patterns, you should absolutely layer them to make your decor even more captivating. Above, this tablescape uses white and gold vases in varying heights and potted succulents to give a balance to the bold geometric pattern of the table runners.

From the bright dinner napkin to the gold glitter menu (below), this table isn’t afraid of a little color.  And you shouldn’t be either. Experiment with exciting combos within your palette until you find one you like!

Create a warm glow to illuminate your decor.

We love how today’s modern wedding has a definite focus on lighting. This table above uses dimmed overhead lighting with bright votives to create an inviting glow. Especially when your table features minimal decor, or you have an all-white palette, lighting plays a crucial role in your tablescape design. A simple table design can look stark rather than restrained when there is not enough light, or when it is flooded with overly bright lighting.

Use vertical space.

Do you have an unadorned open space to contend with?  Instantly makeover a room by using its vertical space for your ‘statement’ pieces. Whether you want large floral installations or hanging Edison bulbs like this wedding above, it can be a really effective decorating technique when you don’t have a lot of other built-in details to utilize.


Be bold with brights.

Not all modern weddings have neutral palettes. Bright, vibrant schemes are equally trendy and up-to-date. Be splashy with your favorite hues in centerpieces, and then accent them with reflective details (above, left). Or find a range of colors that you love, such as citruses, and use them liberally in your florals, linens, and table numbers (above, right).

Focus on textures.

So much of trending modern wedding decor revolves around interesting texture. In many ways, the best tablescapes are the ones that you are tempted to reach out and touch. The one above is a great example with its petaled runner, gleaming gold barware, and geometric sculptures.  By combining soft texture with hard, this tablescape feels dynamic rather than just decorated.

Try unexpected details for a unified look.

Working with modern decor makes you realize there’s a very thin line between minimalist and plain.  Avoid the latter by adding in an unexpected detail that ties the whole table together. The paint-dipped wooden votive holders above are a simple enough DIY project, but what really completes the look is the matching washi tape tiles beneath. Without them, this table might have been a little blah.

Below, this elegant modern tablescape hits all the right notes with copper accents on an otherwise all-white table. However, the simple hexagon-shaped place cards connects aspects of all of the details.

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