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Daisy Wedding Centerpieces

Daisy Wedding Centerpieces



Daisies are such cheerful flowers, aren’t they?  Associated with innocence and whimsy, daisies are the perfect flower to brighten up a wedding reception.  From classic daisies to bold gerberas, daisies are a terrific (and reasonably priced) option for your floral centerpieces.






White, Yellow, and Blue


This is a common color palette to use with daisies. We love these centerpieces (above) that use white daisies with blue decor accents.  The pairing of two primary colors can be bright when undiluted, or calming when muted.  For a slightly more contemporary look, place bouquets of yellow daisies in very tall glass centerpieces (below) and pair with a bold monogram.








The simple centerpiece below shows how much impact a single pale yellow gerbera daisy can have.











Classic Daisies


Although some of the most popular daisies are gerberas in a variety of hues, for some of us nothing beats a classic white daisy (I will try to be impartial, but this is my very favorite flower).  Use them in traditional centerpieces or skip the vases and weave together garland to line the center of your tables.








For vintage weddings fill unusual containers like pitchers, tall antique tins, and Mason jars with bundles of sweet daisies. Or go garden fresh with planters packed with daisies and wheatgrass or billy balls.







Affordable Decor


Many florists love to mix the bright colors and big blooms of gerbera daisies with monochromatic fruits.  If you alternate daisy centerpieces with all-fruit centerpieces, it’s also an excellent way to save a little money on your flower budget.  Or you can line your vases with sliced fruit, such as oranges, and pair them with a different color like hot pink.








If you want to use your daisies in an unconventional, but minimalist way, try a centerpiece like the one below. Fill a glass cylinder vase up to the top with water, and float three large gerberas within.







Saturated with Color


Daisies are grown in so many different colors, they are one of the most versatile flowers for your own theme. The two looks below clearly illustrate the different statements you can make. On the left, check out the vibrant saturated brightness!  By combining bright daisies with equally bright yarn-wrapped vases, the look is fun and festive. On the right, these autumnal-toned daisies set the mood for an elegant and subdued affair.













Continue to add color in other places that just the center of your table! Inject bright colors into your dessert table, or create a fanciful backdrop for your welcome table.









Credits:  White Gerbera Daisies//White in Blue Jar//Yellow with Monogram//Pale Yellow in Blue Vase//Classic Daisy Centerpiece//Daisy Garland//Simple Cake Table//Pink Gerberas in Planter//Daisies with Billy Balls//Yellow and White with Lemons//Floating Gerberas//Bright Colors//Autumnal Tones//Red and Yellow with Pomegranate Seeds//Pink and Orange Sweet Table//Welcome Table Backdrop