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DIY Rose Petal Confetti For Your Wedding

If you would like to have some beautiful flower petal confetti at your wedding and don’t want to buy a freeze-dried petal mix, you can make your own from fresh rose petals

Petal confetti is completely biodegradable, venue-friendly, fun and simple to make. It reduces waste from rose cut flower bouquets and making confetti yourself is a great way to save money too!

Using Petal Confetti At Your Wedding

Dried petal confetti can be thrown by guests at the bride and groom after the wedding ceremony, used as decoration in the wedding venue down the aisle, on reception tables or as wedding favors. You could also keep some of the confetti from your wedding day in a pretty jar as a keepsake.

Where To Get Roses For Your DIY Project

Any roses that you or your family and friends have as cut flowers, you can make into confetti after they have been enjoyed, and they will live on. Check your local shop for roses that have been reduced for quick sale, using them for confetti is better than the shop throwing them away. You can contact your local florist to see if they have any roses that they would sell to you at a cheaper rate if they were looking a bit tired. As long as the petals are not brown they can be used to make confetti and if you can save flowers from the landfill you are doing the earth a favor.  

Tutorial: DIY Rose Petal Confetti

Step 1: When you have collected your roses, and before the petals turn brown, gently and firmly twist each rose head to remove it from the stem (this is a very important step, as if the petals discolored, the confetti will not look at appealing).

Step 2: Gently tease each petal from your rose heads, and then discard the stem.

Step 3: Spread and separate each petal over a tea towel, scrap paper, cardboard or similar (this is to absorb moisture from the petals) placed in a warm and dry room.

Step 4: Leave the petals to dry for approximately three to four days, until they are dry to the touch. The petals will shrink in size, curl and darken in color. This is normal and part of the natural drying process. If there are any brown/ discoloured petals, then I would recommend removing these from the process, as it will spoil the rest of the batch.

Step 5 (optional): If the roses didn’t have a scent, then you can add rose perfume or your favorite perfume to the confetti by spraying a light mist approximately 30cm from the dried confetti and leave for another day or so. A natural oil or non-toxic scent is the safest for everyone.

Step 6: Place the confetti into a sealed container or bag to keep until your wedding day. 

FAQ: How do I calculate how many roses I need to make petals for my wedding day?

Confetti is best made from small to medium sized petals, as this is best to throw rather than large rose petals. The following calculations are based on small to medium sized rose heads: 

  • Throwing – 2 rose heads for every guest you expect to throw the confetti (as a rough guide I would say 1/3 to 2/3 max of total number of guests at ceremony)
  • Aisle – 20 rose heads for every one square meter (for a light sprinkling)
  • Table decoration – 10 rose heads for every three tables (for a light sprinkling)

How should I package and present the petal confetti to my guests?

There are many options for packaging including in a cone, envelopes, small bags or loose in a basket.