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Fruits & Veggies in Wedding Bouquets

Fruits & Veggies in Wedding Bouquets



Do you really, really love your greens?  If cabbage and kale and all of their veggie friends are some of your favorite things, why not include them in your wedding bouquet?  Brides looking for modern, slightly non-traditional bouquets are loving this new trend of incorporating fruits and vegetables into their flowers.  You’ll be amazed at just how pretty cabbage can look beside ranunculus!





Below, granted this veritable bounty of veggies resembles your weekly produce haul, but for this farm-to-table wedding it blended right in as an eco-friendly and locally grown bouquet option.




Speaking of farm weddings, another veggie detail you could include is this radish boutonniere (below, left).  One of the many benefits to an all-veggie bouquet is that it won’t aggravate allergies for brides that are sensitive. A bunch of pretty purple cabbages is a great alternative to traditional flowers, and all without making you sneeze.











But what we really love is when fruits and veggies are blended with flowers. Above, this stunning citrus-hued bouquet uses cabbage, succulents, and ranunculus to make a summery arrangement. Below, who knew an artichoke could be so gorgeous?  Between the white and pink flowers and tiny deep blue berries, we adore this colorful and lush bouquet.








If you want to play it subtle, include smaller fruits like these sweet little kumquats (above). Hidden under bright pink blooms, these tiny fruits add extra texture and a pop of orange to a soft bouquet.  For a bolder look, add a pomegranate to a cluster of bright anemones and peonies (below).







Find your fruits in different colors or shades of ripeness to complement your color palette. Below, this jewel-toned bouquet is enhanced by the berry-colored pomegranate. For a yellow wedding, use lemons instead of flowers.








Or create your own color with spray paint. This pomegranate below gives this all-white bouquet a touch of metallic.













Berries are one of our favorite additions to bouquets. Use green, unripe berries with a paler bouquet or dark berries to go with a moody, wintry arrangement.



For autumn, use berries and apples to create a playful and seasonal bouquet.  You could then have your flower girl walk down the aisle carrying one perfect red apple.










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