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Herb Centerpieces & Details for Garden Weddings

Herb Centerpieces & Details for Garden Weddings



Although you could certainly use herb centerpieces at modern weddings, these particular arrangements seem to be tailor-made for more rustic and garden events.









Recently, I planted a small herb garden. It should be noted that I definitely do not have a green thumb. But, miraculously, the basil and lemon verbena and rosemary are thriving, and it’s very exciting to have not killed a plant for once. What is even more amazing is how wonderful they smell. And since my brain is on weddings 24/7/365, this made me think about how lovely it would be to primarily use herbs in your wedding. Although you could certainly use herb centerpieces at modern weddings, these particular arrangements seem to be tailor-made for more rustic and garden events.


Above, rectangular and square planter boxes are far more interesting than traditional glass vases. Fill them with a combination of your favorite leafy herbs and a few succulents.  It creates a monochromatic centerpiece with lots of natural texture (seriously–you will see your guests touching your arrangements).











If you want more variety in your centerpieces, you have a couple of options. You can sprinkle a few sprigs of herbs in with your flowers and on your place settings or, for long tables, you can alternate potted herbs with floral arrangements.


For aisle decor, clusters of herbs are often tied to the sides of chairs or hung from pews. However, if you are having your ceremony in a charming venue with vintage floors, why not accent them?  Fill mercury glass bottles and vases with plenty of herbs and surround them with the soft glow of candlelight.







Does your bridal party have allergies? An herbal bouquet can be a terrific alternative, especially when filled with aromatic leaves like sage or a pretty purple dusting of lavender (below).










Colorful herbs are also a beautiful way to decorate your wedding cake. This naked wedding cake below uses herbs like rosemary and lavender to fill in the gaps between the tiers.







One of the hottest trends in wedding desserts is exchanging traditional cakes for a wine and cheese course. You can create a faux cake out of wheels of cheese with herbs and oils to accompany each serving (below).







For a wedding favor that lasts, give your guests packets of your favorite herbs and enclose a recipe or instructions about how to use each one. You could also attach a packet to a bottle of herbed olive oil to give them a little taste.











DIY brides will love these book page packets with the corresponding herb’s name stamped to the front. Use old book pages or sheet music to wrap each one and then secure with twine and a sprig of each herb. Place them in a basket by the door so that each guest can pick which one they want.  If you’ve already purchased your favors, but love the idea of herbs, use lavender or lemon verbena to decorate your favor boxes.












For your exit, have guests toss finely crushed lavender provided in burlap bags. Any leftover bags can be saved to use as sachets in drawers. Ask a relative or close friend to grab a few of your potted herbal centerpieces on the way out the door and water them for you while you are on your honeymoon. Afterwards, you can use them to start your own herb garden!












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