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Jewel Toned Wedding Bouquets for Glamorous Brides

Jewel Toned Wedding Bouquets for Glamorous Brides

Jewel toned wedding bouquets are the perfect accessory for a vibrant bride.


jewel toned bouquet


Vibrant Personality


A vibrant bouquet can show off your unique personality. Choose to include a variety of fun flowers like this bride did! Have fun with your wedding day and don’t be afraid to let your true self shine.


Dark bouquet


Your Best Asset


Navies and burgundies in wedding bouquets go a long way in accenting a bride’s ethereal details, and does an incredible job of complementing a dark-lipped bride.


single colored wedding bouquet


Red, Red Wine


The red rose bouquet is a classic look that may seem a little outdated to your guests. Channel your classic instincts into your bouquet by keeping a wine-colored palette, but exploring a version that integrates all kinds of fresh blooms, not just roses.


sunflower jewel tone


Fall Inspired


Here’s a more elegant take on the beloved sunflower bouquet. A mixed composition of these beautiful flowers with jewel hued blooms delivers class along with seasonal sensibility. Pairing the bright yellow with deep burgundy tones doesn’t just play off the delicate red streaks in the sunflower’s petals, it gives it a depth that will have all the single ladies hoping they will be the lucky one that goes home with it.


peony wedding bouquet


Garnet Gorgeous


Jewel toned wedding bouquets can be adapted to many different trends, like sticking to a single type of flower in your wedding arrangement. The big blooms of peonies come in a variety of colors, including a deep garnet hue, perfectly balanced here with a touch of white.


warm and cool tones


Hot & Cold


Just because you are toting a warm toned bouquet, doesn’t mean you can’t dabble with cooler colors. The blue shade of this gorgeous wedding gown is actually emphasized by the contrasting bouquet, making them both look extraordinary.


lily wedding bouquet


Lily Romance


Lilies are a popular choice for wedding bouquets. When they are incorporated into a jewel toned bouquet, they look right at home among the classic roses. Remember that many classic flowers come in all kinds of shades and can be incredible additions to your wedding bouquet.


dusty purple wedding bouquet


Amethyst Beauty


Give your jewel toned bouquet a rustic vibe by taking a more “amethyst” approach. These dusty purple roses would fit the theme at both a cosmopolitan city hall affair or at a romantic barn wedding.


fern jewel wedding bouquet


Fern Fringe


Nothing plays off those jewel hues like dark greenery. The addition of deep green ferns or other feather-like flora adds a terrific background, letting the vibrant colors glow.


woodland wedding bouquet


Woodland Magic


Just as you adorn your dress with exquisite beading and embroidery, remember that flowers are the jewels of a forest. They are the perfect adornment to your woodland-themed wedding.