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Lavender Details for Your Wedding

Lavender Details for Your Wedding




Few flowers are more at home at a wedding than lavender, which happens to symbolize devotion.  This peacefully fragrant flower is used as an herb and in many essential oils (as we all know from our most relaxing massages and facials). So why not add a little lavender to your wedding?  It’s simple and gorgeous, and will add a delicious scent to your party.  In fact, smell is so intrinsically linked to our memory, that for years to come whenever you smell lavender, you might remember your wedding!









If you want a lush, full bouquet, using lavender can add volume and color to larger blooms.  But it is also just as pretty by itself, or paired with an equally minimal flower like baby’s breath.


Similarly for centerpieces, lavender springs give your arrangements soft color and unique texture. Vintage wedding?  Lavender is the perfect flower for a Victorian vibe. Fill antique glass jars either by themselves or with wildflowers.  After your wedding, you can crush the lavender and use it in anything from sachets to a delightfully herbal addition to your favorite sugar cookie recipe.







Potted centerpieces are so fashionable right now. Adopt this trend (below) for your cocktail tables or to fill in space between dishes in your buffet line. Later, give the arrangements to treasured relatives, such as grandparents and aunts.








Lavender can also be added as unexpected touches.  They are such a simple flower that tiny additions aren’t overpowering.  Above, a spring of lavender is used to welcome guests to their seats.  Below, it dresses up a white buttercream cake just enough.







For a farm or French country theme, play up the herbal uses of lavender by incorporating it into your sweets and drinks. The most popular flavor pairings are lemon, honey, and orange.  Below, guests savor honey-lavender macaroons at a sweet table.










Send your guests home with your wedding’s signature scent!  You can hand out mini-bouquets of lavender, create a DIY station where guests can assemble bags of potpourri (above), or save all the DIY fun for yourself by making memorable little sachets (below).







And don’t leave the fellas out of the fun!  Lavender boutonnieres (below) can be wedding-friendly, but still masculine and refined.









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