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Peony Wedding Bouquets & Centerpieces

Peony Wedding Bouquets & Centerpieces



Known in some cultures as the ‘king of flowers,’ peonies make a lovely statement in your wedding bouquets and centerpieces.  One of the most popular wedding flowers, peonies unfurl from their round shape into sweet, ruffly petals, embodying softness and classic romance.  For those of you sensitive to flowers or have flower allergies, the peony is as scented as it is pretty. So, if you find yourself getting a headache the second you enter the florist shop, you may want to select another flower with a more delicate scent.



Whether you want to go pale or bright, the wide array of peony colors can coordinate with your wedding colors. Below, from red to vivid pink, peonies can be a bold choice to complete your wedding bouquets.















Probably the most often selected shade, though, is pink. Above, this large bouquet (seriously, a bride needs some serious bicep work for a bouquet this hefty) features pink peonies paired with white ranunculus for a charming, vintage-inspired wedding.  Below, this lush bouquet is filled with loads of blush peonies and pops of greenery and dusty miller.











If you want to use white peonies, but also want your bouquet to stand out from your white gown, add a few brighter, smaller flowers, like the citrus-colored ranunculus above.







Due to the size, you don’t need more than a few peonies to fill out a mixed bouquet. Above, a bride and her bridesmaids have complementing bouquets, with the bridal one slightly more filled out with greenery and the bridesmaid holding a more condensed version.  Keep in mind that peonies are fairly expensive, so if you love this flower, either expect to spend a little more for your floral budget or just use a few, and fill in with smaller blooms.







Don’t forget the power of a monochromatic bouquet, either in slightly varied shades like the deep pink and coral bouquet above, or completely unified, as the full, pink peony bouquet below.








Of course, peony wedding centerpieces are just as popular as their bouquet counterparts. Above, this vintage wedding features soft blush peonies and hydrangea in a mint vase.  If you are one of the many brides having a purple wedding this summer, you will love this neutral lavender statement with white peonies, dusty miller, and pale purple roses (below).







When we spotted this floral crown (below) it was pretty much love at first sight. Peonies aren’t used as often with these types of accessories, but after seeing this, we can’t imagine why not. Luscious and natural, this greenery and peony headpiece is boho bridal at its best.







Whether sugared or real peonies also make beautiful wedding cake decor.  Even if you don’t use them in your other floral details, peonies can add terrific texture and color to your confection!















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