Wedding Planning

Petal Pick: Tulips for Your Wedding Bouquet

Sweet inspiration for a spring wedding bouquet.

Guys, it’s spring. Technically, officially, and, if the air temperatures and rain in the forecast are any indication, actually too. Thank goodness for that — for more than one reason. First, warm weather is finally here. And second, spring weddings. Yes, please. But what this really means is that we need to talk about spring flowers, and I really think we should start with tulips.

These upright blooms are iconic signs of spring (I know it’s really here when I see them showing up in grocery stores and peeking through snow) and happen to look unsurprisingly lovely in wedding bouquets of almost any style from modern to romantic. Originally from Persia and Turkey, tulips are paired with the 11th wedding anniversary and became so popular in 17th century Europe that the craze was labeled ‘tulip mania.’ Tulips are also packed with significance ideal for a wedding day: different colors of tulips have different meanings, but overall the flowers stand for perfect love.

Striking in bouquets of their own kind alone, tulips can be subtle, chic or altogether stunning as complementary blossoms in a bride or bridesmaid bouquet too. The collection of ideas below pulls together some of the prettiest petals around – and some truly beautiful spring wedding flower inspiration.

If you can’t find me, I’ll probably be piling all of the tulips I can find at the store into my shopping cart. And if you need more spring wedding inspiration, we have some ideas in mind.