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Potted Decor for Your Wedding Reception

I am all about the practical.

I am all about the practical. Admittedly, this can be a challenge when you edit a wedding blog, surrounded by gorgeous decor that you know will get thrown out the day after and bridesmaid dresses that may be very pretty the day of, but will never be worn again.  But sometimes you don’t have to choose between pretty and practical (thank goodness!). With potted decor and favors, your wedding flowers can last for years.

When it comes to individual topiaries, you can go with a wide variety of trees and plants. But all will have a stunning effect–I love this idea for a garden or Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding.  If you are having a farm wedding, consider large centerpieces with planter boxes and planted herbs. Bonus: You can create your own little herb oasis on your back porch after the wedding.

I love succulents. Again, this is mostly due to my practical side. Do you have any idea how hard it is to kill a succulent?  Plus, you can buy them in bulk at very affordable rates. Perfect for place setting decor that doubles as favors!

Don’t just pay attention to the plants–also give a little thought to what you plant them in. These antiqued pots are gorgeous for a rustic vineyard event.

These oversized terra cotta pots (below, left) are so much fun! And I never knew milk glass and succulents (below, right) would pair together so well!

These lush entry flowers and plants prove that potted plants can also be elegant. Wowza!

Be unconventional by combining woodsy elements like wood and moss with unusual planters, like coffee cups (above). Or go over-the-top and cover your table in spectacular green (below)!

Credits:  Potted Flower Favors//Place Card Holder//Centerpiece//Succulents//Table Numbers//Aisle Decor//Milk Glass Decor//Entry Flowers and Plants//Mossy Centerpiece//Topiary-Inspired Tablescape