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The Prettiest Rose Wedding Bouquets for Every Season

The Prettiest Rose Wedding Bouquets for Every Season



No matter the wedding theme or the time of year, you really can’t go wrong with roses. And just to prove it to you, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Get ready to swoon over these 11 rose wedding bouquets.



Rose bouquet with varying textures



Varying Textures


If there’s any other wedding flower just as classic and stunning as the rose, it’s the peony. While the ruffled appearance of an entirely peony bouquet seems appealing, these flowers can also cost significantly more than most. By combining them with garden roses, you’re looking at a wedding bouquet with loads of texture. In the end it’s a win-win for you and your budget.




Rose bouquet with soft and sweet style



Soft & Sweet


Speaking of texture, leave it to monochromatic roses to add some drama to your wedding. By selecting roses in one color, the focal point of your wedding bouquet is their radial appearance. While additional elements aren’t necessary, you can always add subtle florals for a soft accent like this example with baby’s breath.




Rose bouquet with monochromatic flowers



Modern Monochromatic


An all-white rose wedding bouquet is a timeless classic but maybe you want to add just a little more. We love how this bride incorporated minty succulents, berries and dusty miller into her bouquet. The resulting combination highlighted the roses rather than distracting from them. You can see more of these lovely florals in the Summer 2016 issue of mywedding magazine.




Mismatched rose bouquets



Mismatched Bouquets


You can also take the opposite approach of monochromatic by mixing and matching your bridal party’s bouquets. These white rose wedding bouquets for the bridesmaids are simply stunning, while the addition of berries and blush roses to the bride’s bouquet creates a more vibrant effect.




Summertime rose bouquet



Summertime Shades


There’s no color more fitting for summer than lavender, and these flowers in different shades of lilac are so fitting for the season. The best part about this bouquet? The pop of color from the lavender roses is seriously gorgeous.




Classic romance rose bouquet



Classic Romance


A dozen long-stemmed red roses are traditional for any romantic occasion from Valentine’s Day to your wedding day. If you want a truly classic bridal look, carry a red rose wedding bouquet to go with your white wedding dress. For bridesmaids wearing neutral colors or black dresses, red roses make a traditional statement for a modern look.




Cascading rose bouquet



Cascading Beauty


When carefully arranged, a cascading bouquet can create an utterly dreamy bridal look. These white roses are the right amount of both whimsical and traditional for a garden wedding.




Jewel toned rose bouquet



Jewel Tones


Mixed in with dahlias and other various blooms, these jewel toned roses add so much texture for a wildly beautiful and modern bridal bouquet.




Coral rose bouquet



Coral Charm


If pink isn’t really your style, you can add a little warmth to your rose bouquet with a shade of coral instead. The combination of white roses and cascading purple florals is stunning on its own. With the yellow coral roses, you have the perfect rose bouquet for a summer wedding.




Fall rose bouquet



Fall Colors


Blush and peach are probably not the first things that come to mind when you think of fall colors. But when these colors applied to roses and combined with succulents in darker hues, you’ve got a rich bouquet that complements the changing leaves so nicely.




Woodland rose bouquet



Woodland Winter


What better rustic element for a winter wedding than the pinecone? By combining a few with porcelain white tea roses and greenery, this bouquet was made for a woodland affair in the snow.