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These 10 Wedding Altar Decorations Created a Beautiful Space at the End of the Aisle

These 10 Wedding Altar Decorations Created a Beautiful Space at the End of the Aisle



All the inspiration you need for your destination at the end of the aisle.



floral ceremony decor



Stunning Flowers


For a destination wedding on the beach, arches are not only pretty, but also handy wedding altar decorations. They can block out the sun while the couple exchange vows. This wedding’s florist lined their arch with a luxurious floral display of purple and pink blooms.




ceremony under tree



In the Shade


When you have a tree this magnificent, you really don’t need anything else decorating the end of the aisle. In the shade, this couple and their guests stayed cool and comfortable.







Classic Combo


For traditional brides, nothing beats the classic combination of flowers and candles. Put 1 or 2 large floral arrangements at the end of the aisle and then fill the space with an assortment of candles to create a romantic glow.







Hippie Chic


Boho weddings are all about layered textures and colors. This can be a challenge to design when you are working with a blank space, whether that be an industrial loft or a empty field. For this fun event, the couple hung flowers and cream-colored macrame from an arch.




modern wedding ceremony



Trendy Watercolor


Addicted to the watercolor trend? This modern backdrop made a fantastic decoration for this bride and groom’s ceremony. Later, it can be used as a backdrop for pictures or even hung in the couple’s home.




plant wall backdrop



Flower Wall


Why use flowers in a traditional arrangement when you can have your florist create a spectacular wall? For this couple’s wedding altar decorations they opted to use one massive installation piece made from an assortment of plants and flowers.




ceremony ribbon arch



Summer Brights


Brighten up your outdoor wedding with an arch covered in bright ribbons for a colorful statement. You can use a similar idea for an indoor wedding, but part of why this decoration is so striking is how the ribbons move in the breeze.




outdoor religous wedding



Religious Decor


Was it difficult for you to choose between a church ceremony and an outdoor wedding? Have the best of both worlds when you take religious symbols and incorporate them into your own altar decor. This garden wedding used a large wooden cross with flowers and balanced it against a hedge to create a sacred space.




paper flower arch



Paper Details


We continue to be obsessed with paper flowers. We really can’t help ourselves. This arch-in-progress proves why you should get on board with this trend, too. It’s modern, fresh, and dynamic.




greenery wrapped arch



Plentiful Greenery


When you favor simple, straightforward decor elements, greenery is a wonderful choice to use throughout your wedding. Cover an arch in greenery for your ceremony that will allow you two to be the focal point, while also offering a soft, natural background.