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Wedding Bouquets by Theme

Wedding Bouquets by Theme



There are so many gorgeous flowers out there, from vintage to modern wedding bouquets.  How to choose?  Which is the right bouquet for your wedding’s theme?  We have selected some lovely bouquets ranging in style from eclectic to vintage to help inspire your choices. Keep in mind, though, you can make almost any bouquet work for your wedding if you really want it to, so let your favorites be your guide.



Not all weddings have ‘themes’ like vintage, modern, or garden. Some are more seasonal, selecting color palettes that reflect nature’s colors outside and traditional seasonal offerings.  For spring, a lush bouquet with tulips, peonies, and roses is an obvious choice.  For summer, go for sweet romantic bouquets filled with big blooms like hydrangeas.









Autumn is all about mixing and matching jewel and earth tones, so we love this berry, rose, and greenery bouquet (above) for a fall event.  And of course, winter keeps it icy with this cool white and green bouquet of roses and baby’s breath (below).








Seasons also allow for creative non-floral options for your bridal bouquet.  Above, this fall bouquet is filled with gold and yellow leaves.  Meanwhile, I don’t want to even know how long it took to find all the pine cones for this full winter bouquet (below).








Love the look of no flowers?  Create a modern wedding bouquet out of sequins, shiny hearts, and feathers (above). Or go vintage-inspired with this better-than-a-real-rose bridesmaid bouquet made from book pages and baby’s breath.  Both of these options are so much fun for original brides that march to the beat of their own drums.


But maybe you are more traditional?  Classic wedding bouquets are all about the shape and blooms and can vary from full-on bright and boisterous to simple pops of color.








Traditional wedding bouquets also look beautiful in monochromatic palettes. The bunch of pale purple peonies above would be equally at home in a traditional ballroom venue or a simple ceremony on the beach.  Below, this lovely bouquet composed entirely of white ranunculus is breathtaking in its simplicity.  Perfect for a classic bride!








Modern weddings are best complemented by statement flowers such as anemones (I really can’t get enough of this charming bloom), which are the black and white flowers in the bouquet above.  Or you can go with minimalist chic, like the lily of the valley bouquet below.  A bouquet like this one would go so well at a modern courthouse wedding.





Want to give your modern wedding bouquet just a skosh of edge?  Spray paint some of the sturdier flowers with metallics, such as the succulents in the bouquet below.






Vintage wedding bouquets are all about totally muted palettes and romantic flowers like dahlias, peonies, roses, and mums.  The wedding party below shows off the trend of baby’s breath bouquets to accompany the bride’s selection of pretty pink and white roses.





Having a rustic event?  Nothing expresses rural country quite like a bridal bouquet of freshly-picked wildflowers.  If you are in a DIY mood this bouquet below is completely achievable.








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