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Wedding Flower Trends for 2016

Wedding Flower Trends for 2016

This year’s hottest trends in wedding flowers can be easily incorporated into your event.


Full Bouquets

Tiny bouquets and single flowers have stepped aside for fuller and more substantial bouquets. We think all of that drama is just stunning, but always want to encourage brides to carry a bouquet that size around for a few minutes before committing to it for their wedding day.


Tropical Influence

Bring on the umbrella drinks! One of the more exciting wedding flower trends this year are all the arrangements we’ve seen with tropical flair. With so many flowers to choose from, modern brides are moving away from roses and peonies towards more diverse and unique blooms.


Rustic Greenery

The greenery trend has been around for a couple of years, but 2016 has been the year where we’ve seen it go beyond eucalyptus leaves and ivy. Perfect for woodsy weddings, this year’s arrangements have been full of ferns and berries.


Delicate Anemones

Anemones are such a striking and distinctive flower, which is why we’re delighted to see them everywhere this year. Although they are often seen in white, you may not know that they are actually available in a range of hues, from baby pink to dark red.


Rich Colors

Pale, muted flowers are never going to go out of style for weddings. After all, it’s a really classic and traditional choice. However, we are totally smitten with bouquets and centerpieces in deep and rich layers of colors. Appropriate for any season, this bold choice looks stunning in photos.


Container Focused

When you spend so much on flowers, why put them in basic vases? Especially with modern wedding flower trends, we’ve seen a definite focus on selecting eclectic and interesting floral containers in varying heights and sizes.


Herbal Arrangements

Herbal floral arrangements are just so smart. Not only are they beautiful for a rustic or farm wedding, they also smell incredible. Especially great for those who are allergy prone, herbs like lavender and rosemary irritate less than more heady floral scents.


Cascading Ribbons

Lately brides have been adding long, cascading ribbons to their bouquets. We love this romantic trend and the extra color and texture it can add to a wedding day look. Here, the bridesmaids have coordinating ribbons in gold to incorporate the luxe color palette.