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Zinnia Wedding Flowers

Zinnia Wedding Flowers

Like a flower out of an illustrated children’s book, zinnias are bright and cheerful.



Like a flower out of an illustrated children’s book, zinnias are bright and cheerful. Even though they come in a variety of different species and can look dramatically different from each other, you can clearly see how these sturdy flowers are a relative of daisies and dahlias.  The two most common varieties are ones that appear almost globe-shaped, completely round and densely petaled, and those that almost resemble a gerbera daisy, except with a more delicate and silky appearance.







Zinnias are most often used in wildflower arrangements because of just how successfully they flourish in hot weather, summer gardens.  Because of this you will find them readily available deep into the fall season at a reasonably affordable rate.





Zinnias are often used to complement more expensive, larger flowers. Above, bubblegum pink and pale yellow zinnias add to this bouquet’s volume and peek out underneath a cascade of other blooms.


Zinnias can be especially eye-catching in brights. Below, these pink and orchid-colored zinnias lend to this rainbow palette, whereas this orange bouquet is a monochromatic mixture of colorful zinnias and sweet roses.







This bridal bouquet below features a delicate pink zinnia (an example of the daisy-like one we mentioned earlier, specifically called a Zinnia elegans) front and center. Other types of zinnias, dahlias, daisies, and mums round out the arrangement.






If you want your bridal party to rock bold bouquets pair sherbet shades of pink, yellow, and orange zinnias with an equally bright silk ribbon. This bouquet below would look beautiful against deep navy or charcoal bridesmaid dresses.






Create a lighter, airier texture by combining pale zinnias with wildflowers in a demure posy bouquet (below).










Zinnias are such sturdy flowers that they make excellent candidates for cake decor. Use them with roses or cascading ivy to create a lovely botanical vibe.


This boho wedding below added a daisy chain style garland of zinnia and sunflowers to the front of their quilt-covered cake table.  It’s a terrific example of the dramatic color ‘pop’ zinnias can give your decor.








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