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10 Easy Desserts to Make for Your Next Party

10 Easy Desserts to Make for Your Next Party

Whether you have a last-minute gathering or are simply a novice in the kitchen, you can find a recipe here.



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Dipped Oreos


It really doesn’t get easier than dipping store-bought cookies into melted chocolate and dusting them with sprinkles. Even if you have never baked before, we promise this is a cinch to make.




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Sweet & Salty Bars


It’s fabulous when you can find recipes for easy desserts that are also going to be the hit of the party. A step above traditional Rice Krispies Treats, these salty and sweet bars using breakfast cereal and candies are a total crowd pleaser. And you don’t even need an oven.




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Funfetti Frosting


It’s really all about the frosting. Buy store-bought sugar cookies or make cake mix cupcakes and then top them with this incredible frosting. It’s a delicously sweet topping that tastes just like cake batter.




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Peanut Butter Brownies


When looking for an easy recipe, you should find one with straightforward instructions, common ingredients, and simple bakeware requirements. These peanut butter brownies have all three!




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Cranberry Crumb Cake


Great with a cup of coffee, crumb cakes are an excellent place for beginning bakers to start. This is one of those easy desserts that doesn’t have to look perfect.




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Chocolate Cupcakes


Have you tried cake mix cupcakes and are ready to branch out into making them from scratch. These chocolate cupcakes are rich and delicious, and the recipe offers personalized tips along the way.




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No Bake Cheesecake


A classic cheesecake isn’t necessarily difficult to make, but does require a springform pan (which you may not have). This no-bake version in individual cups takes minimal prep time. Throw them in the fridge and pull them out when guests arrive.




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Chunkey Monkey Muffins


If you are hosting a brunch, your guests will be wowed by these banana and chocolate muffiins. Be prepared for them to insist they are from a bakery.




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Banana Hazelnut Bundt Cake


Bundt cakes are one of our favorite easy desserts to make because the pan does all the decorating for you. Register for one with a cool design to use for special treats.




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Symphony Bars


Often the secret to tasty baked goods lies in the ingredients. This simple blondie recipe would have been yummy all on its own, but with Symphony candy bars melted on top? Next level.